Athletic Maiden
Athletic Maiden
This is one of Aron's favorite blazers. Because it is a gift from Nikki.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Top
Style HomewearSun Care
Attributes: SimplePure
Rarity: H1
Color(s): Pink
Wardrobe #: 181
Obtained by: Clothes Store
Pavilion of Mystery
5-11 (Maiden)
8-8 (Maiden)9-8 (Maiden)
14-1 (Maiden)
Athletic Maiden can be bought in the Clothes Store for 3093 Gold. It can also be obtained from completing 5-11 Aim for Best Stylist! (Maiden), 8-8 Truth behind Puzzle (Maiden), 9-8 Prince's Request (Maiden) or 14-1 To the Wind Valley (Maiden) or from a draw in the Pavilion of Mystery.

Appearance Edit

An entirely pink hoodie.

Crafting Edit

Used to craft: Edit

Attributes Edit

Simple Lively Cute Pure Warm
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