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The Association Store is a shop in the Stylist Association. In the shop there are 2 random dyes/patterns (solid dyes= 10Association Coin, other dye = 15Association Coin, & patterns= 24Association Coin) up to 2 random items and at least 4 special items needed for suits only obtainable from the Association store. Items are bought with Association CoinsAssociation Coin.


Every day at 12:00 and 20:00, an auto-refresh happens. This refreshes all the items shown. You are given one free daily refresh and are given more depending on your VIP level. Members can refresh the store for 10 Diamonds.

Wish Suit[]

By setting a Wish Suit, you can improve the drop rates of the suit's base parts. You can only have one Wish Suit at a time, and the drop rates of every part will be increased, not only the ones you are missing.

Non-exclusive Items[]

These items can be obtained through the Association Store, as well as other means, such as level drops and pavillions. They may or may not be part of a suit.

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Wasteland Jewel icon.pngWasteland Jewel Hair 31 Association Coin Wasteland Jewel-Epic
Reind icon.pngReind Hair 32 Association Coin None
Watery icon.pngWatery Hair 31 Association Coin Watery-Rare
Housemaid icon.pngHousemaid Dress 31 Association Coin Chocolate Housemaid
Night of Shanghai icon.pngNight of Shanghai Dress 35 Association Coin Story of Shanghai
Miss Jellyfish icon.pngMiss Jellyfish Dress 38 Association Coin Princess Jellyfish
Maple Ninja Lady icon.pngMaple Ninja Lady Dress 32 Association Coin Maple Leaf Ninja
Ghost Flower icon.pngGhost Flower Dress 31 Association Coin Ghost Flower-Epic
Warm Dance icon.pngWarm Dance Dress 24 Association Coin Nikki's Dance
Luxury Bathrobe icon.pngLuxury Bathrobe Dress 30 Association Coin None
Sukumizu icon.pngSukumizu Dress 28 Association Coin None
Leaf Raincoat icon.pngLeaf Raincoat Coat 31 Association Coin None
Pussycat-Top icon.pngPussycat-Top Top 28 Association Coin None
Pussycat-Bottom icon.pngPussycat-Bottom Bottom 28 Association Coin None
Nurse Cap icon.pngNurse Cap Hair Ornament 28 Association Coin None
Jellyfish Glow icon.pngJellyfish Glow Hair Ornament 33 Association Coin Jellyfish Glow-Rare
Wasteland Necklace icon.pngWasteland Necklace Necklace 30 Association Coin None
Studded Bracelet icon.pngStudded Bracelet Bracelet (Right) 32 Association Coin None
Yellow Rose icon.pngYellow Rose Hair Ornament 38 Association Coin None

Exclusive Items[]

These items do not belong to any suit and are exclusively obtained through the Association Store.

Item Type Cost Final Evolution

Seagulls under Sky icon.png
Seagulls under Sky

Makeup 123 Association Coin None

Shadow of Poet icon.png
Shadow of Poet

Makeup 123 Association Coin None
Clear Hope icon.png

Clear Hope

Makeup 123 Association Coin None

Suit Components[]

There are fifteen different collection suits and one hidden suit that are made exclusively with Association Store material. They are Sapphires the Phantom Thief, Military Princess, Crown of Love, Mist Fairy, Wind Whisperer, Night Wish, Star's Blessings, Mechanical Romance, Time Controller, Thorny Rose, Silk Petals, Hearty Poem, Crimson Cavalier, Feather of Purity, Phantom Walker and Garden Tour.

The components of Association Store suits generally must be evolved in order to form the suit. The base item is what is bought, and the actual suit is made up of the evolved items.

Sapphires the Phantom Thief[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Gentleman Sapphire icon.png
Gentleman Sapphire
Hair 72 Association Coin SapphiresThief icon.png
Diamond Shadow icon.png
Diamond Shadow
Coat 82 Association Coin Diamond Shadow-Rare
Kaitou Gentleman-Top icon.png
Kaitou Gentleman-Top
Top 96 Association Coin Phantom Coat-Rare
Kaitou Gentleman-Bottom icon.png
Kaitou Gentleman-Bottom
Bottom 96 Association Coin Phantom Bottoms-Rare
Thief's Boots icon.png
Thief's Boots
Shoes 66 Association Coin Thief's Boots-Rare
Sapphire Hat icon.png
Sapphire Hat
Hair Ornament 52 Association Coin Sapphire Hat-Rare
Phantom Thief's Gloves icon.png
Phantom Thief's Gloves
Gloves 118 Association Coin None
Warning Letter icon.png
Warning Letter
Handheld (Right) 52 Association Coin Warning Letter-Rare
Thief's Mask icon.png
Thief's Mask
Face 52 Association Coin Thief's Mask-Rare
Sapphire icon.png
Makeup 123 Association Coin None

Military Princess[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Cute Princess icon.png
Cute Princess
Hair 48 Association Coin Elegant Princess icon.png
Elegant Princess
Azure Cape icon.png
Azure Cape
Coat 54 Association Coin Snow Cape
Azure Shirt icon.png
Azure Shirt
Top 57 Association Coin Battle of Days
Plaid Miniskirt icon.png
Plaid Miniskirt
Bottom 53 Association Coin Ice Blue Dress
Aristocratic Stockings icon.png
Aristocratic Stockings
Hosiery 88 Association Coin The Winner
Gradient Short Boots icon.png
Gradient Short Boots
Shoes 50 Association Coin Frost Boots
Snow Crown icon.png
Snow Crown
Hair Ornament 133 Association Coin None
Sky Chiffon icon.png
Sky Chiffon
Gloves 76 Association Coin Icy Grasp
Ice Sword icon.png
Ice Sword
Handheld (Right) 115 Association Coin None
Royal Duty icon.png
Royal Duty
Waist 78 Association Coin Military Princess (Waist)

Crown of Love[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Cocoa Mousse icon.png
Cocoa Mousses
Hair 95 Association Coin Cocoa Mousses-Rare icon.png
Cocoa Mousses-Rare
Sweetheart icon.png
Dress 120 Association Coin Sweetheart-Rare
Gold Foil Rum icon.png
Gold Foil Rum
Hosiery 101 Association Coin Gold Foil Rum-Rare
Strawberry Yogurt icon.png
Strawberry Yogurt
Shoes 108 Association Coin Strawberry Yogurt-Rare
Love Crown icon.png
Love Crown
Veil 89 Association Coin Love Crown-Rare
Sweet Icing icon.png
Sweet Icing
Gloves 93 Association Coin Sweet Icing-Rare
Only You (Brooch) icon.png
Only You
Brooch 97 Association Coin Only You-Rare

Mist Fairy[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Mist Fairy (Hair) icon.png
Mist Fairy
Hair 88 Association Coin Mist Fairy-Yin
Unreal icon.png
Dress 68 Association Coin Unreal-Yin
Accident in Fate-Yin icon.png
Accident in Fate-Yin
Coat 132 Association Coin None
Final Shot-Yin icon.png
Final Shot-Yin
Shoes 118 Association Coin None
Diversity Jadestone icon.png
Diversity Jadestone
Hair Ornament 98 Association Coin Diversity Jadestone-Yin

Wind Whisperer[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Wind Whisperer icon.png
Wind Whisperer (Hair)
Hair 64 Association Coin Wind Whisperer-Epic
Sway Dance icon.png
Sway Dance
Dress 98 Association Coin Sway Dance-Epic
The Wanderer icon.png
The Wanderer
Shoes 66 Association Coin The Wanderer-Epic
Cruise icon.png
Hair Ornament 72 Association Coin Cruise-Epic

Night Wish[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Night Wish icon.png
Night Wish
Hair 68 Association Coin Night Wish - Epic
Night Glass icon.png
Night Glass
Dress 100 Association Coin Night Glaze - Epic
Midnight Flower icon.png
Midnight Flower
Hosiery 52 Association Coin Midnight Flower - Epic
Shadow icon.png
Shoes 58 Association Coin Quiet Shadow - Epic
Revelation icon.png
Hair Ornament 48 Association Coin Apocalypse-Treasured
God Coming icon.png
God Coming
Earrings 68 Association Coin Saint Coming - Rare
Last Wish icon.png
Last Wish
Handheld (Left) 85 Association Coin None

Star's Blessings[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Starlet's Blessing icon.png
Starlet's Blessing
Hair 61 Association Coin Starlet's Blessing-Star
Milky Way Downpour icon.png
Milky Way Downpour
Top 72 Association Coin Milky Way-Star
Magic of Cotton Candy icon.png
Magic of Cotton Candy
Bottom 57 Association Coin Fairyfloss Magic-Star
Fantastic Journey icon.png
Fantastic Journey
Hosiery 48 Association Coin Fantastic Journey-Star
Magic Colorful Boots icon.png
Magic Colorful Boots
Shoes 51 Association Coin Magic Colorful Boots-Star
Small Magic Hat icon.png
Small Magic Hat
Hair Ornament 53 Association Coin Magic Hat-Star
Star Cape icon.png
Star Cape
Scarf 65 Association Coin Star Cloak-Star
Star Gloves icon.png
Star Gloves
Gloves 45 Association Coin Magic Gloves-Star
Fantastic Wand icon.png
Fantasitic Wand
Handheld (Left) 48 Association Coin Fantastic Wand-Star

Mechanical Romance[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Adept Craftsmanship icon.png
Adept Craftsmanship
Hair 68 Association Coin Adept Craftsmanship-Treasured
Mechanical Romance (Dress) icon.png
Mechanical Romance
Dress 100 Association Coin Mechanical Romance-Treasured
Assembled Anesthetics icon.png
Assembled Aesthetics
Hosiery 48 Association Coin Assembled Aesthetics-Treasured
Gear Trajectory icon.png
Gear Trajectory
Shoes 58 Association Coin Gear Trajectory-Treasured
Classic Machine icon.png
Classic Machine
Hair Ornament 52 Association Coin Classic Machine-Treasured
Dance of Steam icon.png
Dance of Steam
Gloves 58 Association Coin Dance of Steam-Treasured
Complete Rearmament icon.png
Complete Rearmament
Handheld (Left) 62 Association Coin Complete Rearmament-Treasured

Time Controller[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Roaring River icon.png
Roaring Rivers
Hair 85 Association Coin Roaring Rivers-Epic
Golden Bookmark icon.png
Golden Bookmark
Dress 96 Association Coin Gold Leaf Bookmark-Epic
Go Back icon.png
Go Back
Shoes 62 Association Coin Explore the Past-Epic
Flourishing Flowers (Hair Ornament) icon.png
Flourishing Flowers
Hair Ornament 46 Association Coin Flourishing Flowers-Epic
Luck Feather icon.png
Feather Luck
Earrings 52 Association Coin Lucky Feather-Epic
Back and Forth icon.png
Back and Forth
Necklace 50 Association Coin Back and Forth-Epic
Dappled Old Scroll icon.png
Dappled Old Scroll
Handheld (Left) 88 Association Coin None

Thorny Rose[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Golden Velvet icon.png
Golden Velvet
Hair 73 Association Coin Golden Velvet - Epic
Golden Scraps icon.png
Golden Scraps
Dress 105 Association Coin Golden Scraps - Epic
Billowing Dust icon.png
Billowing Dust
Coat 68 Association Coin Billowing Dust - Epic
Silent Footsteps icon.png
Silent Footsteps
Shoes 50 Association Coin Silent Footsteps - Epic
Promise of Jewel icon.png
Promise of Jewel
Necklace 40 Association Coin Promise of Jewel - Epic
Cross Chain icon.png
Cross Chain
Brooch 61 Association Coin Cross Chain - Epic
Guardian Rose icon.png
Guardian Rose
Background 71 Association Coin Guardian Rose - Epic

Silk Petals[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Poetry of Cardamom icon.png
Poetry of Cardamom
Hair 55 Association Coin Poetry of Cardamom - Epic
Leaning on the Rail icon.png
Leaning on the Rail
Dress 83 Association Coin Leaning on the Rail - Epic
Half Rolled Mottled Bamboo Shade icon.png
Half Rolled Mottled Bamboo Shade
Coat 54 Association Coin Half Rolled Mottled Bamboo Shade - Epic
Cold Night with Blue Sky icon.png
Cold Night with Blue Sky
Shoes 51 Association Coin Cold Night with Blue Sky - Epic
Changing Shape of Clouds icon.png
Changing Shape of Clouds
Hair Ornament 75 Association Coin Changing Shape of Clouds - Epic
Pistils and Buds icon.png
Pistils and Buds
Necklace 44 Association Coin Pistils and Buds - Epic
Blooming Season-Glorious icon.png
Blooming Season-Glorious
Foreground 42 Association Coin None

Hearty Poem[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Gentle Page icon.png
Gentle Page
Hair 71 Association Coin Gentle Page - Epic
Hearty Poem icon.png
Hearty Poem
Dress 100 Association Coin Hearty Poem - Epic
Wind in Wilds icon.png
Wind in Wilds
Hosiery 51 Association Coin Wind in Wilds - Epic
Freedom Homage icon.png
Freedom Homage
Shoes 44 Association Coin Freedom Homage - Epic
Lingering Fragrance (Hair Ornament) icon.png
Lingering Fragrance
Hair Ornament 61 Association Coin Lingering Fragrance - Epic
Full of Stars icon.png
Full of Stars
Gloves 55 Association Coin Full of Stars - Epic
Sunny Cloud icon.png
Sunny Cloud
Necklace 54 Association Coin Sunny Cloud - Epic

Crimson Cavalier[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Spirit of Knight icon.png
Spirit of Knight
Hair 60 Association Coin Spirit of Knight - Epic
Unstoppable icon.png
Coat 52 Association Coin Unstoppable - Epic
Crimson Waltz icon.png
Crimson Waltz
Top 70 Association Coin Crimson Waltz - Epic
Thorny Elegy icon.png
Thorny Elegy
Bottom 60 Association Coin Thorny Elegy - Epic
Dressage icon.png
Shoes 48 Association Coin Dressage - Epic
White Feather Hat icon.png
White Feather Hat
Hair Ornament 42 Association Coin White Feather Hat - Epic
Soaring Flame (Scarf) icon.png
Soaring Flame
Scarf 36 Association Coin Soaring Flame - Epic
Valiant Rose icon.png
Valiant Rose
Waist 35 Association Coin Valiant Rose - Epic
Rose Thorn icon.png
Rose Thorn
Handheld (Left) 52 Association Coin Rose Thorn - Epic

Feather of Purity[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Morning Breeze icon.png
Morning Breeze
Hair 67 Association Coin Morning Breeze - Epic
Attendant of Deities icon.png
Attendant of Deities
Dress 98 Association Coin Snow Queen
Feather of Purity icon.png
Feather of Purity
Coat 52 Association Coin Feather of Purity - Epic
Diamond Dust icon.png
Diamond Dust
Shoes 46 Association Coin Diamond Dust - Epic
Echoing Mountain icon.png
Echoing Mountain
Hair Ornament 43 Association Coin Echo of Faith - Epic
Fate Explanation icon.png
Fate Explanation
Necklace 34 Association Coin Fate Explanation - Epic
Changing Starlight icon.png
Changing Starlight
Gloves 37 Association Coin Changing Starlight - Epic
Whisper of Frost icon.png
Whisper of Frost
Waist 42 Association Coin Whisper of Frost - Epic
Embrace Silence icon.png
Embrace Silence
Handheld (Right) 56 Association Coin Embrace Silence - Epic

Phantom Walker[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Prismatic Path icon.png
Prismatic Path
Hair 62 Association Coin Prismatic Path - Gorgeous
Sea of Doom icon.png
Sea of Doom
Coat 73 Association Coin Sea of Doom - Gorgeous
Dark Dawn icon.png
Dark Dawn
Top 60 Association Coin Dark Dawn - Gorgeous
Data Surge icon.png
Data Surge
Bottoms 60 Association Coin Data Surge - Gorgeous
End of Nihility icon.png
End of Nihility
Hosiery 55 Association Coin End of Nihility - Gorgeous
Alien Talisman icon.png
Alien Talisman
Shoes 59 Association Coin Alien Talisman - Gorgeous
Hidden Signal icon.png
Hidden Signal
Face 67 Association Coin Hidden Signal - Gorgeous

Garden Tour (Hidden)[]

Item Type Cost Final Evolution
Braids Girl-Brown icon.png
Braids Girl-Brown
Hair 58 Association Coin None
Carefree Youth-Yellow icon.png
Carefree Youth-Yellow
Coat 66 Association Coin None
Garden Tour-Yellow icon.png
Garden Tour-Yellow
Dress 98 Association Coin None
High-top Flats-Yellow icon.png
High-top Flats-Yellow
Shoes 54 Association Coin None
Sports Sunhat-Yellow icon.png
Sports Sunhat-Yellow
Hair Ornament 42 Association Coin None
Barrel Sports Bag-Pink icon.png
Barrel Sports Bag-Pink
Handheld (Right) 42 Association Coin None