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The Association Store is a shop in the Stylist Association. In the shop there are 2 random dyes/patterns, up to 2 random items and at least 4 special items needed for suits only obtainable from the Association store. Items are bought with Association CoinsAssociation Coin.png.

Refresh[edit | edit source]

Every day at 12:00 and 20:00, an auto-refresh happens. This refreshes all the items shown. You are given one free daily refresh and are given more depending on your VIP level. Members can refresh the store for 10 Diamond.png.

Items[edit | edit source]

Exclusive Items[edit | edit source]

Garden Tour (Hidden Suit)[edit | edit source]

Garden Tour 1.png

Alternative versions of Sapphire[edit | edit source]

Suits[edit | edit source]

Sapphires the Phantom Thief[edit | edit source]

Sapphires the Phantom Thief.jpg

Crown of Love[edit | edit source]

Crown of Love.jpg

Military Princess[edit | edit source]

Military Princess.jpg

Mist Fairy[edit | edit source]

Mist Fairy.jpg

Night Wish[edit | edit source]

Night Wish.png

Wind Whisperer[edit | edit source]

Wind Whisperer.png

Star's Blessings[edit | edit source]

Star's Blessings.jpg

Time Controller[edit | edit source]

Time Controller.jpg

Mechanical Romance[edit | edit source]

Mechanical Romance.jpg

Thorny Rose[edit | edit source]

Thorny Rose.jpg

Silk Petals[edit | edit source]

Silk Petals.jpg

Hearty Poem[edit | edit source]

Hearty Poem.jpg

Crimson Cavalier[edit | edit source]

Crimson Cavalier.jpg

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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