Overview Mansion Empyrean Wonderland Story

Wonderland Event

Lilith Kingdom has brought new style contest themes.

Ran from September 28th to October 3rd, 2018.

Players will be shown three different outfits and a styling theme. Vote for the outfit you think suits the theme most. You are given 3 free chances to vote per day and can reset them for 72 Diamond each. You will get a different amount of Memorial Medals Memorial Medal depending on the popularity of your choice. Choosing the outfit with the most votes gives you 6 Memorial Medal, the second greatest gives you 5 Memorial Medal, and choosing the one with the least votes gives you 3 Memorial Medal. Exchange the Memorial Medal for pieces of the Cruise Fairy Tale and Garden Diary suits.


Cruise Fairy Tale

Total Cost: 369 Memorial Medal

Suit Completion Rewards: Cruise Fairy Tale

Garden Diary

Total Cost: 369 Memorial Medal

Suit Completion Rewards: Diary of Garden Party, Garden Tour Anecdotes, Popcorn Machine, Commemorative Badge

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