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Art of War Event

The legendary Mansion Empyrean appeared on the high mountain. The Cloud Emperor deemed it auspicious. The order to seek Divine Inscription and awake War Will was issued. Peace can only be gained through war!

Special pavilion for the Art of War Event. Draw to obtain Divine Inscriptions Divine Inscription. You will have a free draw every day and additional chances can be bought for 30 Diamond each. You will also be able to draw 10 times for 300 Diamond or 50 times for 1,500 Diamond. Each draw will return StaminaStamina, GoldGold, DiamondsDiamond, or an item. You will get 3 Jade Tokens Jade Token as well. When you collect a certain number of Divine Inscription, you'll get one of 5 event suits and an avatar pendant (Jade TokenJade Token) that lasts a certain amount of hours.

The last milestone will drop the Prosperous Reign suit.

Note: This event will come back with higher milestones and your current progress will be saved.

Milestones Edit

Season 1: 80, 190, 310, 430, and 520 Divine Inscription

Season 2: 90, 200, 320, 440, and 530 Divine Inscription

Suits Edit

Milestone Suits Edit


Super RareEdit


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