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Around the World is a feature that allows players to travel around Miraland, take pictures with characters, and write diaries about their journey. It can be accessed by clicking the hot air balloon on the town screen. It is unlocked after completing Stage V1: 6-1 Challenge Flower Field (Maiden).


Every week, the player can choose a different city in Miraland to visit on a map, from the following selection. They can then choose various locations within the city to visit using Site Tickets Site Ticket, or click Wander About to have a place chosen randomly (this is free and does not consume Site Ticket).

Nation City Location Potential Encounters
Apple Federation Welton Hosa Art Block
City Square
Apple Apparel Group
Wheat Field Pure Heart Workshop
Wheat Field
Scarecrow Fountain
Wheat Leaf Bar
Rolterdan Nine-Day Twilight
Rolterdan Museum
Piero Theatre
Losol Clinic No.6
District 8
Golden Eden
Cloud Empire Lor River City Snow Bridge
Red Eye Tower
Mt. Luoyun
Moonlit City Moonlit Park
Silk Shop
Moon Pavilion
Brocade City Jinlin Palace
Celestial Garden
Bay of Cang River
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Part of the "Food Tourism" series of encounters.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Part of the "Sofia's Performance" series of encounters.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Part of the "Happy Lovers" series of encounters.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Part of the "Cali and Phantom Thief" series of encounters.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Part of the "Treasure Hunt" series of encounters.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 Part of the "Girl from Clan Bai" series of encounters.

Within each city, the player can view the introduction to the city and any relevant news.

Note: Any encounter that "features" another NPC means they appear in the dialogue but you cannot take a picture with them.

Travel Style[]

Each day, the player can dress up once. After arriving at a location within a city, the player will be able to take a photo at the location using the clothing they select. Even if they move to a different location, they will still wear the same outfit.

Travel Dream[]

For details about specific backgrounds, please see this page.

Travel Dream is the feature in which a player can earn Backgrounds. The menu is found by clicking "Travel Dream" while in a city.

Each background requires certain events to unlock it. To unlock the first five backgrounds, the player must trigger events in certain locations at least once by visiting them. Further backgrounds require the player to unlock other backgrounds before starting them.

Progress towards backgrounds are earned by simply traveling to a city and visiting a location. Every 30 minutes in a location will grant the player progress, (1 story material), which goes towards earning a background. As long as the player has chosen a location within a city, they will be earning progress towards a background. Progress is measured in half hours. Backgrounds will require either 168 (3.5 days), 336 (7 days), or 720 (15 days).

NPC AtW Encounter icon.png

Sometimes an NPC will appear in a location you are visiting and ask a question. Choosing any of the options will instantly grant the player more progress towards their chosen background. There is no incorrect answer.

Also an NPC will appear in a location you are visiting and ask for your help with styling their outfit. Creating an appropriate style (i.e. Chinese Classical in a Cloud location) will instantly grant the player more progress towards their chosen background.


In the diary, the player can create one entry each day. Within the entry, they can write a message about their journey and include a photo taken that day.

By clicking Layout and using the tabs at the bottom, players can decorate their entry with stickers and stationary. The stickers available to use are the icons for the clothing chosen for the outfit, stickers relevant to the location, and stickers purchased in the Souvenir Shop. There were also previously stickers available from events (see Events).


For details about encounters, please see this page.

Within this tab, the player can view brief descriptions of their past visits within a city with the date listed. They can sort their encounters by city or by date. If the player met a character, the encounter will also be noted.

Encounters that are part of a series cannot occur multiple times. The dialogue can be reviewed, but you only have one opportunity to take a picture with the featured NPC at that location.

The following encounters are part of series:

Name Nation City Character
Cali and Phantom Thief - 1 Apple Federal Wheat Field Momo
Cali and Phantom Thief - 2 Apple Federal Rolterdan Cali
Cali and Phantom Thief - 3 Apple Federal Rolterdan Cali
Food Tourism I Apple Federal Wheat Field Lu Yinian
Food Tourism II Apple Federal Wheat Field Aron
Food Tourism III Cloud Empire Moonlit City Starlet
Food Tourism IV Apple Federal Welton Momo
Girl from Clan Bai - 1 Cloud Empire Brocade City Bai Yongxi
Girl from Clan Bai - 2 Cloud Empire Brocade City Bai Jinjin
Girl from Clan Bai - 3 Cloud Empire Brocade City Zhong Lizi
Happy Lovers - 1 Cloud Empire Lor River City Toto
Happy Lovers - 2 Apple Federal Wheat Field Timi
Happy Lovers - 3 Apple Federal Welton Zhong Lizi
Sofia's Performance I Cloud Empire Moonlit City Sofia
Sofia's Performance II Apple Federal Welton Momo
Sofia's Performance III Apple Federal Rolterdan Sofia
Treasure Hunt - 1 Apple Federal Rolterdan Debbie
Treasure Hunt - 2 Cloud Empire Lor River City Debbie
Treasure Hunt - 3 Cloud Empire Moonlit City Debbie
Treasure Hunt - 4 Cloud Empire Lor River City Debbie

Azure's Messenger includes Azure's Messenger I, II, and III and is exclusive to the Azure's Messenger event.

Memorial Stickers[]

As you visit specific locations and complete certain encounters, you will be rewarded with special memorial stickers.
Note: Sticker names that are italicized are temporary names and will be updated as soon as possible.

Sticker Pencil.png
Sticker: Pencil
Complete all encounters in Cali and Phantom Thief
Sticker Grilled fish.png
Sticker: Grilled fish
Complete all the encounters of Food Tourism
Sticker Microphone.png
Sticker: Microphone
Complete all encounters in Sofia's Performance
Sticker Ginkgo Leaf.png
Sticker: Ginkgo Leaf
Complete all encounters in Treasure Hunt
Sticker Tutu Bunny.png
Sticker: Tutu Bunny
Complete all encounters in Girl from Clan Bai
Sticker Rose.png
Sticker: Rose
Complete all encounters in Happy Lovers
Sticker Autumn Wheat Ears.png
Sticker: Autumn Wheat Ears
Arrive at Wheat Field
Sticker Special drink.png
Sticker: Special drink
Arrive at Wheat Field Bar
Sticker Scarecrow statue.png
Sticker: Scarecrow Statue
Arrive at Scarecrow Fountain
Sticker Pure Heart Workshop fabric.png
Sticker: Pure Workshop Fabrics
Arrive at Pure Heart Workshop
Sticker Brand Suit.png
Sticker: Brand Suit
Arrive at Apple Apparel Group
Sticker Shopping Road-Sign.png
Sticker: Shopping Road-Sign
Arrive at City Square
Sticker Painter set.png
Sticker: Painter set
Arrive at Hosa Art Block
Sticker 9 days of twilight.png
Sticker: 9 days of twilight
Arrive at Nine-Day Twilight
Sticker Treble clef.png
Sticker: Treble clef
Arrive at Piero Theater
Sticker Museum collection.png
Sticker: Museum Collection
Arrive at Rolterdan Museum
Sticker Mystery Pill.png
Sticker: Mystery Pill
Arrive at Clinic No. 6
Sticker Hazard Warning Sign.png
Sticker: Danger Sign
Arrive at District 8
Sticker Playground Chips.png
Sticker: Playground Chips
Arrive at Golden Eden
Sticker Grey River Stamp.png
Sticker: Grey River Stamp
Arrive at Bay of Cang River
Sticker Spirit Park Koi.png
Sticker: Spirit Park Koi
Arrive at Celestial Garden
Sticker Overprint of Jinlin Palace.png
Sticker: Overprint of Jinlin Palace
Arrive at Jinlin Palace
Sticker Calico Fabric.png
Sticker: Calico Fabric
Arrive at Silk Shop
Sticker Moonlight Lantern.png
Sticker: Moonlight Lantern
Arrive at Moonlit Park
Sticker Shadow Pavilion.png
Sticker: Shadow Pavilion
Arrive at Moon Pavilion
Sticker Bizarre Rocks of Luoyun Peak.png
Sticker: Bizarre Rocks of Luoyun Peak
Arrive at Lor River Peak
Sticker Red Eye Tower.png
Sticker: Red Eye Tower
Arrive at Red Eye Tower
Sticker Snow Bridge.png
Sticker: Snow Bridge
Arrive at Snow Bridge

Souvenir Shop[]

In the souvenir shop, the player can purchase various stickers as well as Express Passes Express Pass and Site Tickets Site Ticket.

Note: You do not need Site Tickets to visit locations. You can visit them for free by choosing the "Wander About" setting.

Express Pass.png
Express Pass
5 Diamonds
Site Ticket.png
Site Ticket
20 Diamonds
Sticker Scallop.png
Sticker: Scallop
21 Diamonds
Sticker Melon Pop.png
Sticker: Melon Pop
25 Diamonds
Sticker Watermelon.png
Sticker: Watermelon
26 Diamonds
Sticker Citrus.png
Sticker: Citrus
23 Diamonds
Sticker Donut.png
Sticker: Donut
23 Diamonds
Sticker Coffee.png
Sticker: Coffee
24 Diamonds
Sticker Milk.png
Sticker: Milk
26 Diamonds
Sticker Strawberry.png
Sticker: Strawberry
23 Diamonds
Sticker Rainy.png
Sticker: Rainy
39 Diamonds
Sticker Cloudy.png
Sticker: Cloudy
39 Diamonds
Diary Flower.png
Diary: Flower
300 Diamonds
Diary Summer.png
Diary: Summer
300 Diamonds
Frame Flower.png
Frame: Flower
50 Diamonds
Textbox Flower Vertical.png
Textbox: Flower Vertical
50 Diamonds
Textbox Flower Horizontal.png
Textbox: Flower Horizontal
50 Diamonds
Frame Summer.png
Frame: Summer
50 Diamonds
Textbox Summer Vertical.png
Textbox: Summer Vertical
50 Diamonds
Textbox Summer Horizontal.png
Textbox: Summer Horizontal
50 Diamonds


Within this tab, the player can view past journal entries and images that they have decided to save.


  • The event Azure's Messenger ran from October 5th to 11th, 2019 and featured Brocade City.
  • Stickers for Around the World could be obtained from the Backstage Story part of the Absurd Tale hell event, which ran from November 17th to November 28th, 2020.

Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Around the World N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Autour du monde Around the world
Japanese Flag.png Japan 世界旅行 (Sekai ryokō) World Travel
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A


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