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Around the World is a feature that allows players to travel around Miraland, take pictures with characters, and write diaries about their journey. It can be accessed by clicking the hot air balloon on the town screen. It is unlocked after completing Stage V1: 6-1 Challenge Flower Field (Maiden).

Gameplay Edit

Every week, the player can choose a different city in Miraland to visit on a map, from the following selection. They can then choose various locations within the city to visit using Site Tickets Site Ticket, or click Wander About to have a place chosen randomly (this does not consume Site Ticket).

Nation City Location Potential Encounters
Apple Federation Welton Hosa Art Block
City Square
Apple Apparel Group
Wheat Field Pure Heart Workshop
  • Nothing Same: Momo (crying)
Wheat Field
Scarecrow Fountain
Wheat Leaf Bar
  • Song of Memories: Mela
Rolterdan Nine-Day Twilight
  • Confident Stylist: Momo (feat. Passerby)
Rolterdan Museum
Piero Theatre
Cloud Empire Lor River City Snow Bridge
Red Eye Tower
Mt. Luoyun
Moonlit City Moonlit Park
Silk Shop
  • Celestial Cloud Calico: Momo
  • Sofia's Performance I: Sofia (feat. Momo)
Moon Pavilion
Brocade City Jinlin Palace
  • Jinlin Glory: Momo
Celestial Garden
  • Garden Adventure: Momo
Bay of Cang River
  • Boating on Cang River: Fu Su (feat. Boatman)
  1. Only available after unlocking "Food Tourism III" encounter (Moonlit Park in Moonlit City).
  2. Only available after unlocking "Sofia's Performance I" encounter (Silk Shop in Moonlit City).
  3. Only available after unlocking "Food Tourism I" encounter (Wheat Field in Wheat Field).
  4. Only available after unlocking 2 other encounters: "Sofia's Performance I" (Silk Shop in Moonlit City) and then "Sofia's Performance II" (City Square in Welton).
  5. Only available after unlocking 2 other encounters: "Food Tourism I" (Wheat Field in Wheat Field) and then "Food Tourism II" (Scarecrow Fountain in Wheat Field).

Within each city, the player can view the introduction to the city and any relevant news.

Travel Style Edit

Each day, the player can dress up once. After arriving at a location within a city, the player will be able to take a photo at the location using the clothing the select. Even if they move to a different location, they will still wear the same outfit.

Diary Edit

In the diary, the player can create one entry each day. Within the entry, they can write a message about their journey and include a photo taken that day.

By clicking Layout and using the tabs at the bottom, players can decorate their entry with stickers and stationary. The stickers available to use are the icons for the clothing chosen for the outfit, stickers relevant to the location, and stickers purchased in the Souvenir Shop.

Encounters Edit

For details about encounters, please see this page.

Within this tab, the player can view brief descriptions of their past visits within a city with the date listed. They can sort their encounters by city or by date. If the player met a character, the encounter will also be noted.

There are a few series of encounters that the player can unlock by visiting locations in order. They are:

  • Sofia's Show: Sofia's Performance I, II, and III
  • Food Tourism: Food Tourism I, II, III, and IV
  • Azure's Messenger: Azure's Messenger I, II, and III (Exclusive to the Azure's Messenger event)

Souvenir Shop Edit

In the souvenir shop, the player can purchase various stickers as well as Express Passes Express Pass and Site Tickets Site Ticket.

Express Pass
Express Pass
5 Diamond
Site Ticket
Site Ticket
20 Diamond
Sticker Scallop
Sticker: Scallop
21 Diamond
Sticker Melon Pop
Sticker: Melon Pop
25 Diamond
Sticker Watermelon
Sticker: Watermelon
26 Diamond
Sticker Citrus
Sticker: Citrus
23 Diamond
Sticker Donut
Sticker: Donut
23 Diamond
Sticker Coffee
Sticker: Coffee
24 Diamond
Sticker Milk
Sticker: Milk
26 Diamond
Sticker Strawberry
Sticker: Strawberry
23 Diamond
Sticker Rainy
Sticker: Citrus
39 Diamond
Sticker Cloudy
Sticker: Citrus
39 Diamond

Memory Edit

Within this tab, the player can view past journal entries and images that they have decided to save.

Events Edit

  • The event Azure's Messenger ran from October 5th to 11th, 2019 and featured Brocade City.

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