Archaic Style is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained via Chloris's Dreamland, Moon Night Poem.

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The Pigeon Forest in summer night was quiet and romantic. The crescent's golden reflection glitters on Lake Bovaly.
Gold String-Shaped Moon

The wind has been blowing through this forest for thousands of years, singing the ancient Elf Epic eternally.
Archaic Style

The harp by Lake Bovaly is quiet and elegant. And the fireflies above the lake are like dancing notes.
Dancing Fireflies

In the early summer, the evening stars are blooming in the Pigeon Forest, waiting for the moon to rise quietly.
Beginning to Bloom

Only Chloris knows that the tune was created by elf queen. There is sadness behind the quietness.
Blossom After Moon Rises

But from one night, the harp is gone. Even the blooming evening primoses cannot remedy the loneliness of moonlight.
Evening Primrose

Elves, dwarves, and humans are all waiting for the return of the harp. Maybe, peace will come back by then.
Gold Leaf Bracelet

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