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Arcane Astrolabe is a set of Story Suits. It contains the Frozen Crown, Oceanic Spirit, Apocalyptic Angel, and Alluring Abyss suits, which can be obtained from the Night Prelude event.

Completion Prize: 50 Diamonds and avatar frame Wind Aroma

Frozen Crown[]

Frozen Crown.jpg
Another crossroad
I have to make a choice
Looking back
Mouse-ear and mistletoe alongside
This is a wrong road
I have to give it up
I have to look forward
But the heavy fog shrouds the field
The future is unclear
I have to make a choice

Oceanic Spirit[]

Oceanic Spirit.jpg
Joyful music comes from the woods
Aroma of wine and cuisine fill the air
My bird sings lowly on my shoulder
But I won't join the banquet
I was a part of it
But not tonight
I already have an appointment
Maybe he's behind the woods
Maybe he's thousands of miles away

Apocalyptic Angel[]

Apocalyptic Angel.jpg
People have fallen into dream
Smart nightingale stops singing too
The night is long
But do not stop moving
Do not stop in the cold wind
Go find the sun
Go chase the light

Alluring Abyss[]

Alluring Abyss.jpg
The morning breeze blows into this field
Two paths extend before me
One with beautiful flowers alongside
A lively deer leads the way
Another one is much more desolate
Only yellowed leaves can be found
But it attracts me more
When I step on this road
There will be going back
When I step on this road
My life will be altered

Belief of Knights[]

Heavens Hidden Pathway 4.jpg
North wind roars on the cold tundra
War and betrayal will not put it out
But only make it grow stronger
Under the heavy yoke
Above the piles of bones
Flowers bud is the new wind

Blade of Thorns[]

Heavens Hidden Pathway 1.jpg
The curtain in the palace hangs down
The sandalwood incense never dies
The lazy wind is closed in by the gates
Until the thick curtain is lifted
It has to face the light outside alone

Heart of Redemption[]

Heavens Hidden Pathway 3.jpg
The wind filled with fruit aroma
Brings the birth of soft strength
It will be like a kindling
Spreading fire across the land
Into everyone's heart
Into their soft and longing hearts

Words of Void[]

Heavens Hidden Pathway 2.jpg
The leaves of the apple tree rustle
The wind afar brings unsettling news
Ruthless intrigue is brewing
Nobody will escape this
If intolerance only invites destruction
Then I'll grasp the domination

Endless Wind[]

Heavens Hidden Pathway 5.jpg
The winds are gathering
Except for one last wind
It comes to the land by order
And blows into Lion Outland
Where it roars like a lion
And blows into Gold Stone Tribe
Where it sings a melodious song
And blows into Hunting Claw
Where it sees those marvelous beasts
It waits for the miracle in Wasteland


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Arcane Astrolabe N/A
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
穹蒼秘軌 (qióngcāng mì guǐ) Blue Sky Secret Trails
Japanese Flag.png Japan 蒼穹の秘跡 (Sōkyū no Hiseki) Blue Sky Sacrament
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A