Aqua Teddy is a Hidden Suit. Its parts could be obtained from Miraland Quiz and the web pavilion portion of the second season of the Barbie Event.

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Yellow curly hair with a teddy bear ribbon is just as enticing as a perfectly packaged cake.
Small Cream Rolls

The name is Aqua Teddy and it's said that it's designed for those who didn't get Teddy suit.
Aqua Teddy

That jacket might not be the best choice, but many girls still buy it for the teddy bear!
Teddy Feelings

Are those stockings made from picnic cloth last time?... Drop that nonsense! You are making the designer cry!
Innocent Faction

Only a pair of shoes is a bit hard to style, so I suggest we buy the whole set!
Little Sweetheart Bear

After turning the room upside down, the best jewelry turned out to be the bear bag made by Grandma!
Childhood Memory

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