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Apple Federal is the largest country on the mainland, with diverse terrain, four distinct seasons and the largest population.

Cities and towns here are simple but fashionable, as well as the wearing style, which seems definitely similar to Nikki and I. Apple Federal advocates diversity and independence because it is an immigration friendly country.

It is known as "a modern and powerful civilization based on reasonable technology".

Apple Federal (also known as Apple Federation) is one of the 7 Nations. It is the largest and most populous nation in Miraland and is a heaven for designers and stylists. The architectural style is ahead of its time and fashionable dress-wear is an essential part of everyday life there. The Apple style is a simple, fashionable, and modern one.

Its emblem is a diamond shape made of several small diamonds. In the center is a stylized A next to the name Apple Federal.

History Edit

Momo Shining Nikki
This section contains content from Shining Nikki!

The information in this section is derived from the game that comes after Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen!, Shining Nikki. As such, it may contain spoilers to the story and/or information about features that don't appear in Love Nikki.

Shortly before the year 0, the Apple Federation began the Apple Federation Independence War, in which their soldiers fought for freedom from the Pigeon Kingdom. Though the soldiers were subject to difficult conditions,[2] their victory allowed them to blossom into the most populous nation in Miraland.

Present Day Edit

The Apple Federation, though modern and developed, wasn't perfect, and people there faced their fair share of hardships.[3] However, many prominent businesses and organizations had found their place there, including the Apple Federation Apparel Group, the Mercury Group, the Amphithea Group, and the Rosset Research Institute.

When war broke out between the League Tyr and Cloud Empire, the president of the Apple Federation and the chose to ally with the League Tyr due to influences from one of his supporters, the Mercury Group.[4][5] The president of the Apple Apparel Group, Chairman Schiller, was opposed to the war, and this alongside his possession of the valuable dress White Blossom made him and the other people in the Group into targets.[6] However, the Apple Government, who were opposed to the League Tyr, managed to repair relations with the North, Cloud, and Lilith.[5]


Apple Federal Map
Apple Federal

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Losol: Apple's biggest black market, a self-proclaimed crime center. The famous Sixth Clinic is here.
  • Welton: The capital of the Apple Federation and center of the government was named after President Welton.
  • Rosset: A modern, orderly city on the border of Apple and Cloud. It is also the biggest international transport hub.
  • Wheat Field: A little town bordering Apple Federation and Lilith Kingdom. Nikki started her journey here.
  • Wisteria: Famous for its Wisteria forest. In every mid-spring, the blooming flowers attract countless visitors.
  • Rolterdan: Apple Federation's border city to Pigeon Kingdom, famously known for their involvement in the Nine Day War.

Style Edit

Field journalist Edit

Journalist Cali from Afacia, firsthand witness of breaking news! Well done Cali, Afacia is proud of you. A day of a steel rose, a female warrior, begins from picking the most appropriate attire. The elegant vintage bow is the highlight of the outfit, the style needs to allow big range of movements, but also be elegant and lovely.

Go, Cali! Bring back more valuable news for Afacia!

Minimalist design Edit

Known as the 'modern man's outfit', suit is a necessity for every gentleman. Chairman of the Mercury Group, Reid, is no exception. Reid prefers simple designs, gray being the dominant hue without any unnecessary embellishments. The long straight lines are smooth and pure, and its expensive fabric and handmade tailoring give it a soft touch and gentle grace.

Only the real master can see the value of this suit at a glance.

Voyage of Youth Edit

After years of work work, Timi completed her studies from Cicia Design School. Graduates wear this special 'Voyage of Youth' gown. This gown is cut smooth and is primarily dark. It's accented by golden cuffs and tassels. It looks serious yet lively, as graduation is a blessing for students.

What will Timi think of after attaining love and dreams?

Elegant demeanor of super model Edit

Just standard business attire, but when worn by Hiber, it gives out a formidable aura. A unisex suit jacket casually strewn over the shoulders adds a touch of cold. As one of Apple Federation's highest paid models, Hiber is an undisputed beauty. And her reason to model for Federal Model Corporation of Mercy Group has always been a hot topic among tabloids. The contract dispute drama is often doubted as a reflection of the emotional dispute between Hiber and Reid.

Love bible Edit

Toto is a playgirl who collects boyfriends from each of the 12 zodiac signs, also known as a walking love bible. Toto likes to get dolled up every time she goes out. Opportunities are there for those who are well prepared. Toto's favorite dress is quirky and elegant. With a feminine straight shoulder design, which zodiac sign will be most attracted to Toto?

Why hasn't Toto found Mr. Right yet?

Tuxedo Dress Edit

Kimi's style and attire address her identity as the inheritor of Apple Federation Apparel Group. Overall the style is sharp, simple and elegant, but at the same time intricate in details. This demitoilet only uses black and white colors with lines smooth and simple. The little black bows on the bottom half of the dress and off-the-shoulder design added a hint of liveliness of a young girl.

No wonder that Nikki became a loyal fan of Kimi at first sight.

Warm floral Edit

The lively and adorable manga artist Annabel, even in an elegant mori-fashion, is still cute. Although a long dress is a mori must-have, Annabel chose the mischievous green floral skirt, tender yet lovely. A perfect match with knit jacket and cute socks. As a manga artist, she has her a keen ability to control the colors. With this lovely look, will Annabel draw many more touching comic stories?

Tailor-made suit Edit

As a military officer, even when dressed casually, Orlando still cannot hide his handsome and righteous quality of a military man. This luxurious suit with black and white stripes is personally tailor-made for Orlando. The design and cut shows his strong and firm body. The dark blue handkerchief at the chest shows the elegance and attention to detail of a gentleman.

Name by Server Edit

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International International (English) Apple Federal N/A
France Flag International (French) Verger fédéral Orchid Federal
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 苹果联邦 (Píngguǒ liánbāng) Apple Federation
Japanese Flag Japan パテール連邦 (Patēru Renpō) Patel Federal
Korean Flag South Korea 애플 왕국 (Aepeul Wang-gug) Apple Kingdom
Indonesia Flag Indonesia Apple Federal N/A
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Liên Bang Táo Đỏ Red Apple Federal

Trivia Edit

  • The Apple Federation shares many striking similarities to America, especially regarding their fight for independence and their diversity. Even their capital, Welton, was named after their first president, similarly to how America's capital, Washington, D.C. was named after their first president ,George Washington.
  • The Apple Federation is landlocked, as shown on maps of Miraland. This is also mentioned in event dialogue.[7]
  • It's Apple Federation tradition that pine cones stand for good wishes of peace and health.[8]


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