These are yearly holidays which usually have a special event.

For individual events that appear multiple times, see Reoccurring Events Category.

Valentine's Day Edit

Year Date Event Suit
2018 Feb 10 - Feb 14 Valentine's Day Sweet Heart
Rose Romance
2019 Feb 12 - Feb 18 Swan Love Guarding Wings
Falling Feather
2020 Feb 14 - Feb 20 Cloud Fairy Cotton Cloud
Diamond Ring

Easter Edit

Year Date Event Suit
2018 Mar 31 - Apr 6 Vernal Verse Spring Fantasia
Shiny Spring
2019 Apr 15 - Apr 21 Star Spirit Colorful Gift
Spring Wonderland


Love Nikki's Anniversary occurs on April 20th.

Year Date Event Suit
2018 Apr 11 - Apr 27 Time Yard Sale Story suits from Four Seasons
1st Anniversary Sweet Breeze
2018 March 25 - Apr 9 Flowing Garden Hell Event Story suits from Flow of Time
Flowing Garden - Journey Sweet Tailor


Year Date Event Suit
2017 Oct 30 - Nov 3 Halloween Carnival Maple Sugar Magic
2018 Oct 26 - Nov 1 Colorful Halloween Game Candy Adventure
2019 Oct 25 - Oct 31 Thrill Night Haunted Heart

Note: In late November to early December of 2019, Love Nikki also had the event Pumpkin Party, featuring the Pumpkin Kaidan suit, calling it the "Spooky Eve" period.[1]

Nikki's BirthdayEdit

Nikki's birthday is on December 6th.

Year Event Suit
2017 Mailbox gift A Psalm of Time
2018 Mailbox gift Song of Youth
2019 Mailbox Gift Sparkling Cupcake


Year Dates Event Suit
2017 Dec 22 - Dec 26 Christmas Adventure Event Christmas Adventure
Rondo of Snowy Night
2018 Dec 21 - Dec 27 Christmas Surprise Warm Christmas Eve
Snowy Night Bless
2019 Dec 20 - Dec 24 Dream Christmas Reindeer's Blessing
Colorful Christmas

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