Wonder Museum Map

Special map for the Wonder Museum Event. There are 5 stages that don’t require Stamina to complete. Complete these stages to earn Amber Fossil. Three stages are styling battle stages and the other two are quiz stages. You are given 3 free attempts for each stage daily and can reset them for 30 Diamond. Getting a question wrong or failing a stage will not deduct an attempt.

Stages Edit

1 - Appointment of Museum Edit

  • Style: Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Warm
  • Tags: European, Evening Gown

Pigeon National Museum has exhibited a grand ancient fossil! But you have to win the Manager to get take a selfie with it![1]

  • Momo: Wow... What a grand museum...
  • Nikki: So many small departments! How many themes do we have here?
  • Ace: The various exhibits are dazzling.
  • Cali: Hey! Come here!
  • Nikki: Cali, thanks for inviting us here~ What a great place!
  • Cali: This week is the week of Ancient Fossil. Many rare items will be exhibited.
  • Momo: I'm wondering if grilled fish can form fossil...
  • Ace: ...
  • Nikki: Momo...
  • Cali: Don't waste time! I have to have the photo of the giant fossil. A clear photo will get my news first page!
  • Nikki: Alright, coming~
  • Momo: So crowded!! Hey, you! Don't step on my tail!
  • Ace: What a hot spot... Isn’t here too crowded?
  • Manager: Of course. This super popular giant fossil was excavated recently. Its history is longer than Pigeon!
  • Nikki: Is it from that far ago? What a miracle!
  • Manager: Do you want to take a photo with this big guy?
  • Cali: (No hesitation) Of course!
  • Manager: Compete me over Pigeon classic style. I'll give you the best spot if you win!
  • Cali: Bring it on!

2 - The Trial of Souvenir Edit

  • Quiz Stage

Every hall in the Ancient Fossil Department contains countless knowledge. Correctly answer the questions to win souvenirs![1]

3 - Go! Into the Rainforest! Edit

  • Style: Simple, Cool, Lively, Cute, Pure

Cannot imagine they recreate an ancient ecosphere here! Look at the rainforest. Change into cool clothes to explore it.[1]

  • Ace: They even recreate the ancient world when these creatures were alive. Cool!
  • Cali: It’s not the only dinosaur that we have to research, the environment is as important.
  • Nikki: They were the ruler of the world before human even really existed!
  • Ace: This is interesting...
  • (Suddenly, Ace stopped and looked at something)
  • Ace: Is this a rainforest?
  • Momo: Why do I feel a bit cold...
  • Cali: To better research them, we have to rebuild the habitat!
  • Ace: Nikki, let’s have a rainforest adventure!
  • Nikki: Ah? Is there any danger?
  • Cali: Sounds interesting!
  • Momo: I knew what Ace is thinking of!
  • Ace: Why not! It's to trace the history!
  • Momo: Alright, alright... You're the boss... Nikki, change into cool clothes or it will be too hot in the rainforest!

4 - Rainforest Adventure Edit

  • Style: Lively, Cute, Simple, Pure, Cool
  • Tags: Pet

There are lots of animals in the forest. Change into animal theme clothes and win the contest if you want to know the right path.[1]

  • Momo: Why do I feel it's the 3rd time we pass this tree?
  • Nikki: I have a bad feeling...
  • Cali: Are, are we really lost?
  • Nikki: We'd better ask the staff where we are.
  • Ace: But are there any staff around here?
  • Cali: It’s to make the rainforest real. Not many staff are here…
  • Momo: Darn... I will be the grilled fish in the mouth of some other creatures!
  • Nikki: Don’t be so sad, look! Is that a girl over there?
  • Ace: She dresses up like a dinosaur. She couldn't be a staff.
  • Nikki: Hi! I'm Nikki. Excuse me...
  • (Startled, the girl held the book closer)
  • Secret Girl: Hi, hello...
  • Cali: Hey! What’s in your hand?
  • Secret Girl: Do you read Ferdinand too? It’s an autobiography of Sir Ferdinand.
  • Secret Girl: It tells the story of Ferdinand's adventure in Mirland. I’m wondering did he leave the land and contact other civilization?
  • Momo: (Whisper) Who is Sir Ferdinand?
  • Secret Girl: Sir Ferdinand is the curator of this museum! Many of his items on the journey are exhibited here!
  • Ace: Then you must know how to get out of here?
  • Secret Girl: Compete me over small animals theme. You’ll know when you win.

5 - Confusion of Fu Su Edit

  • Quiz Stage

We finally get out of rainforest. Let's relax a bit and buy some souvenir! Hey, isn't that Fu Su?[1]

Quiz Edit

Q. Which is the carrier of fossil?
A. All the rest
Q. What's necessary to the formation of fossil?
A. Long petrification
Q. Where is the only museum in Miraland that collects fossil?
A. Pigeon
Q. What animal lived in the same age with the dinosaur?
A. Limulus
Q. Which of the following is not a necessity during excavation?
A. Momo
Q. From the perspective of preserving, what's the type of dinosaur's footprint?
A. Trace fossil
Q. What should you do when you are lost in the wilderness?
A. Use compass or judge by stars
Q. Generally, in what kind of stone can fossil be found?
A. Sedimentary Rock
Q. What usually doesn't form a fossil?
A. Grilled fish hidden by Momo
Q. What's main source of dinosaur's food?
A. Varies among different species

Reference Edit

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