Agata is a character in Love Nikki. She is the leader of the Knight of Kingdom, the royal army serving the king of the North Kingdom.

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Agata has light blonde hair, with bangs and a slight curl to it. She has light blue eyes in her representative suit Oath of Honor, but is drawn with glowing purple eyes in official artwork.

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Agata was once close with a girl named Naga. They practiced swordsmanship together, and they made an agreement to bring peace to the world.[1] However, Naga passed away in the snow of the North Kingdom.[2]

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During February of this year, Agata signed up to become a soldier for the King on behalf of both herself and Naga. She was dismayed to find that she was rejected since she was only thirteen. However, when Agata spoke with the then-leader, the Knight Commander, he allowed her to join the knights' training.[1]

She trained hard for months, and finally submitted her request to become a knight in August of the same year during the annual qualification. The Knight Commander told her that she had the gift and heart to become an excellent knight. After an grueling test, Agata passed and was accepted as one of the knights.[1]

During her time as a knight, Agata learned more about two of her seniors, Nidhogg and Louie. Like her, Nidhogg became a knight when he was only thirteen, though he passed on the first try easily. When Agata heard about his reputation for being cold, sharp, and emotionless, she looked forward to taking him on as an opponent, and respected his skills even though he did not have the best reputation.[1]

In September, Agata challenged Nidhogg during training. Though he agreed to her challenge, she could tell he didn't use his full power. She confronted him, and he just smiled and told her she was too weak to be his rival. Agata did not like this answer, and resolved one day to seriously challenge him.[1]

She was later promoted to the captain of the Knight of Kingdom due to her loyalty to the North. When this happened, she went and visited Naga's tomb to pay respects.[2]



Agata and Naga were close to each other in their youth, especially when they practiced swordsmanship together. The two wanted to bring peace to the world, but unfortunately Naga passed away. So, Agata decided to became a soldier for both herself and Naga. Later in her life, she visits her tomb to pay respects.


Nidhogg was one of Agata's two seniors along with Louie. They shared the experience of becoming knights at the young age of thirteen, and Agata saw Nidhogg as a rival. However, when Agata challenged him for the first time, Nidhogg didn't use his full power against her. She confronted him and he told her that she was too weak to be his rival. Agata disliked his answer, and vowed that she would one day challenge him more seriously.

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Agata
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 阿加塔 (Ā jiā tǎ)
Japanese Flag Japan アガータ (Agāta)
Korean Flag South Korea 아가타 (Agata)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Agata

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