Adventurer's Bay Event
Adventurer's Bay, also called Adventurer's Bar, was a time-limited Wish Court pavilion that ran from October 26th to November 1st, 2018. It returned from February 7th to February 13th, 2020.

List of Furniture Edit

Super Rare Furniture Edit

Icon Name Style Type
DionysusEctasyIcon Dionysus' Ecstasy Wasteland Tag Ornament

5-star Super Rare Edit

Icon Name Style Type
BlueSeaStyleIcon Blue Sea Style Wasteland Tag Window
PoseidonsShowcaseIcon Poseidon's Showcase Wasteland Tag Wall Decor
WildObservatoyIcon Wild Observatory Wasteland Tag Plant
PredatorShowcaseIcon Predator Showcase Wasteland Tag Cabinet

4-star Treasured Edit

Icon Name Style Type
CyanRockFloorTileIcon Cyan Rock Floor Tile Wasteland Tag Floor
HarborsGateIcon Harbor's Gate Wasteland Tag Door
RedBrickWaveIcon Red Brick Wave Wasteland Tag Wall
PirateSongIcon Pirate Song Wasteland Tag Wall Decor
ForgivingRainbowIcon Forgiving Rainbow Wasteland Tag Plant
ForFreedomIcon For Freedom Wasteland Tag Carpet
WhiteSeasRumIcon White Sea's Rum Wasteland Tag Cabinet
PredatorMediumIcon Predator Medium Cabinet Wasteland Tag Cabinet
PredatorLongTableIcon Predator Long Table Wasteland Tag Cabinet
PraisetoDionysusIcon Praise to Dionysus Wasteland Tag Cabinet

3-star Treasured Edit

Icon Name Style Type
CarnivalWineCellarIcon Carnival Wine Cellar Wasteland Tag Door
BowChainIcon Bow Chain Wasteland Tag Ornament
PredatorsShelfIcon Predator's Shelf Wasteland Tag Wall Decor
MaritimeLogIcon Maritime Log Wasteland Tag Ornament
CarnivalOvertureTableIcon Carnival Overture·Table Wasteland Tag Table
CarnivalOvertureChairIcon Carnival Overture·Chair Wasteland Tag Chair
TrophysofaIcon Trophy sofa Wasteland Tag Chair
PredatorIronCornerTableIcon Predator Iron Corner Table Wasteland Tag Cabinet
CarnivalOvertureStoolIcon Carnival Overture·Stool Wasteland Tag Chair
GentlemansChoiceIcon Gentleman's Choice Wasteland Tag Ornament
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