Adventure in Dream is a Hidden Suit that could be obtained in Yvette's Dreamland, Sugar Fairytale.

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Yvette comes to a town made out of blue bricks. The people here wear scholar robes and are very polite.
Fairy Tale Town

By the end of the blue brick road lies a giant library. Yvette pushes the door open and sees a little lion.
Blue Brick Road

'These are all the reference books for civil service exams.' The little lion hands over a heavy stack of books.
Adventure in Dream

'What are the books here?' Yvette asks curiously. She never came here before, but she feels all so familiar.
Unexpected Journey

'No! No more exams!' Yvette opens her eyes, finding herself waking up at the desk.
Toy Lion

Interpretation Edit

The suit's descriptions are about a dream Yvette had once. In it, she comes to a town of blue bricks and scholars, and she curiously enters the library. There, she is given reference books for civil servant exams by a talking lion. Though she's never been to the town before, it feels very familiar. At the end, she wakes up in a panic about her exams. The dream likely takes place while she's studying for her exams to become a government worker again, which occurs at the beginning of the Sugar Fairytale Dream Weaver route.

The dream is reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz. The town could also be inspired by the town of Hayden, nicknamed the "Fairy Tale City", where Yvette goes after passing her exams.

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