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Achievements are unlocked upon the completion of certain tasks or after hitting milestones while playing Love Nikki. They are divided into four categories: Treasure, Story Suit, Collection, and Journey.

The Journey tab is divided into six sections: My Growth, Collection, Journey, Styling Contest, Warm Home and Time Diary.

My Growth.png Collection.png Journey.png Styling Contest.png Nikki Warm Home.png

For each cleared achievement the player can earn gold Gold, diamonds Diamonds, outfit pieces or avatar frames.



These items can be obtained from achievements:

Icon Name Type Suit
Nurse Shoes Nurse Shoes Shoes Angel in White
Officer's Pistol Officer's Pistol Hosiery, Leglet Army Major
School Bag School Bag Accessory, Handheld (Right) Blossom Season
Blossom Season-Shirt Blossom Season-Shirt Top Blossom Season
Flower Knot Flower Knot Accessory, Bracelet (Right) Blossom Season
Sweet Fawn Sweet Fawn Accessory, Hair Ornament Blossom Season
Adolescence Adolescence Shoes Blossom Season
Blossom Season-Trousers Blossom Season-Trousers Bottom Blossom Season
Maiden Student Socks Maiden Student Socks Hosiery Blossom Season
Lovely Lady Lovely Lady Hair Blossom Season
Fruit Jam Fruit Jam Hair Cake Manor
Cream Cake Cream Cake Accessory, Hair Ornament Cake Manor
Cake Manor (Dress) Cake Manor (Dress) Dress Cake Manor
Cake Decoration Cake Decoration Accessory, Gloves Cake Manor
Princess Time Princess Time Shoes Cake Manor
Cake Fondness Cake Fondness Accessory, Necklace Cake Manor
Sweet Cream Sweet Cream Hosiery Cake Manor
Ice Roses Ice Roses Shoes Crystal Rose
Blue Icy Eyes Blue Icy Eyes Makeup Crystal Rose
Ice Crystal Chain Ice Crystal Chain Accessory, Necklace Crystal Rose
Ice Crystal Earrings Ice Crystal Earrings Accessory, Earrings Crystal Rose
Ice Crystal Gloves Ice Crystal Gloves Accessory, Gloves Crystal Rose
Sacred Ice Flower Sacred Ice Flower Hair Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose (Dress) Crystal Rose (Dress) Dress Crystal Rose
Elf Queen Elf Queen Accessory, Veil Crystal Rose
Night Stream Night Stream Shoes Elegant Tune
Elegance Elegance Hair Elegant Tune
Petal Edging Petal Edging Accessory, Earrings Elegant Tune
Snow Brocade Snow Brocade Hosiery Elegant Tune
Lotus Dewdrop Lotus Dewdrop Accessory, Necklace Elegant Tune
Cloudy Lotus Cloudy Lotus Dress Elegant Tune
Ice Lotus (Elegant Tune) Ice Lotus (Elegant Tune) Accessory, Hair Ornament Elegant Tune
Tasseled Lotus Lantern Tasseled Lotus Lantern Accessory, Handheld (Left) Elegant Tune
Winter Storm Winter Storm Accessory, Foreground Icewind Warchant
Butterfly Dream Butterfly Dream Shoes Madam Butterfly
Butterfly Flowers Butterfly Flowers Hair Madam Butterfly
Butterfly Joy Butterfly Joy Accessory, Gloves Madam Butterfly
Butterfly Shadow (Hair Ornament) Butterfly Shadow (Hair Ornament) Accessory, Hair Ornament Madam Butterfly
Madam Butterfly (Dress) Madam Butterfly (Dress) Dress Madam Butterfly
Diamond Handbag Diamond Handbag Accessory, Handheld (Right) Magic Star
Bloody Bandage Bloody Bandage Accessory, Bracelet (Right) Marionette Grice
Memory of Time Memory of Time Accessory, Handheld (Left) Minstrel of Time
Rose Maiden-Gold Rose Maiden-Gold Hair Rose Maiden
Asterism Asterism Accessory, Hair Ornament Star Sea
Fallen Meteor Fallen Meteor Accessory, Brooch Star Tears
Butterfly Dance (Foreground) Butterfly Dance (Foreground) Accessory, Foreground Stunning Beauty
Pastry Cap Pastry Cap Accessory, Hair Ornament Sweet Pastry Cook
Wind of Retrospect Wind of Retrospect Accessory, Earrings White Blossom
Trencher Cap Trencher Cap Accessory, Hair Ornament Youth Melody
Pleated Skirt Pleated Skirt Bottom
Haste Haste Hair
Timi's Bob Timi's Bob Hair
Kiki (Hair) Kiki (Hair) Hair
Dreamy Calico Dreamy Calico Dress
Mask Queen Mask Queen Dress
Fishnet Stockings Fishnet Stockings Hosiery
Heart Bubble Heart Bubble Hosiery
Secret of Bloch Secret of Bloch Shoes
Pretty Girl Pretty Girl Hair
Funny Hat Funny Hat Accessory, Hair Ornament
Star Necklace Star Necklace Accessory, Necklace
Chiffon Shawl Chiffon Shawl Accessory, Scarf
Mystery Pendant Mystery Pendant Accessory, Necklace
B&W Wristband B&W Wristband Accessory, Gloves