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December Troupe Bulletin is available now!
Enjoy talking with other audiences freely!

Read messages and obtain stickers and Painted Masks Painted Mask.png. Use Painted Masks Painted Mask.png to exchange for items in Absurd Museum.

In the Ticket Center, you can recharge at least $4.99 USD to obtain Theatre Souvenirs containing Diamonds Diamonds to send to friends or Stylist Association members. Each recipient can only receive at most 3 souvenirs from a sender each day, and 100 souvenirs maximum throughout the event. Souvenirs expire within 24 hours of sending. Various characters will also send commissions daily in the Ticket Center which contain Diamonds Diamonds.

In the Museum Bulletin section, you can see the bulletins for the day. Old bulletins can be read in "Messages".

Clicking on the Giftys around the interface will award players with stickers which can be used in Around the World. They will also reveal letters from Deslen (see Deslen Post). Collecting all the letters will cause the letters to be replaced with poems by Deslen and for the Gifty on the front page to transform into Deslen.

Ticket Center[]

Commission from Countess

The count and I would like to book the whole theater for tomorrow's 'Mask Town', please arrange it for me, thank you.

Commission from Zhong Lizi

Hi, I'd like to book two tickets for tomorrow's 'Mask Town', where can I collect them?

Commission from Anonymous

One 'Joker Diamond Mask' ticket.

Commission from Miss Swenny

I heard that tickets for 'Joker Diamond Mask' are now available, please book me two tickets for the premiere, thank you.

Commission from Timi

Any play tonight? I would like to buy two tickets, thank you.

Commission from Debbie

Any play starring Miss Sofia lately? I would like two tickets!

Commission from Reid Mercury

Please help me to book two 'Phantom in Desert' front row tickets

Commission from Timi

Any 'Mask Town' ticket left? Book two for me please, thank you!

Commission from Aron

I want tickets to Noah's new play! Two tickets!

Commission from Starlet

The stars led me to watch 'Mask Town', please book me a ticket.

Commission from Nancy

Excuse me, could you book me a ticket for 'Mask Town'?


Deslen Post[]


Gifty LIM 9.png

The past of December Troupe is really interesting, I even found separate categories in the message book, come and prove into it with me when you're free!

Full Address:
Special hint
don't underestimate me
collect the first letter of every sentence
and discover my little thoughts[1]
― Deslen

Gifty LIM 1.png

I almost forgot to read the notice. I'm leaving now, remember to visit me!

Full address:
Which troupe will have the better play in the future?
Read the script over and think carefully.
The princess went to meet the dragon alone,
and asked the King to prepare her dowry.
― Deslen

Gifty LIM 5.png

Would you like to go watch a movie together tonight?
I've booked the ticket. Remember to come get it from me!

Full Address:
I've booked the ticket,
don't forget,
they're middle seats,
and I'm so glad!
― Deslen

Gifty LIM 2.png

Eh? Someone sent me a letter, come and have a look with me!

Full Address:
don't panic if there's no such person,
look for the truth underneath his appearance.
The postmark has a hidden secret code,
and there's a hidden mystery in the box.
― Deslen

Gifty LIM 6.png

Hard work pays off, and I've prepared a surprise for you!

Full Address:
Leave early in the morning,
full of energy,
climb over this mountain,
so dignified!
― Deslen

Gifty LIM 7.png

I've received some play merchandise and I want to give them to my friends, so come with me!

Full Address:
Give you an exquisite heart,
but you gave me empty joy.
Courtesy demands reciprocity. It's human nature,
it's saddening when someone is not the same person
they used to be.
― Deslen

Gifty LIM 3.png

I don't have any inspiration to write a poem today, so I'm going to look at the message board.
By the way, my poetry collection has been published,
please support me, hehe.
― Deslen

[1] This "riddle" was most likely not translated into English.


Gifty LIM 8.png

I'm glad to be your friend. I've left new poems at every places we met, go and have a look when you're free!


Gifty LIM 7.png

Picked up my courage to send the invitation,
the one on my mind,
please show up at the theater tonight.
I want to listen to that song with you,
a love song on Renner River.

Gifty LIM 2.png

Lying quietly on the table,
a letter waiting to be opened,
inside was a wandering heart,
and passionate love.

Gifty LIM 5.png

The dappled shadows of the trees appeared inside,
and the breeze carried a gift from heaven.
That special name,
was like a ray of light that piercing through the dark cloud,
into the booking clerk's heart.

Gifty LIM 1.png

The nightingales were singing on the branches,
the booking clerk was in a hurry,
two tickets were tightly held in his palm,
he had no time to stop,
to enjoy the opera under the moon.

Gifty LIM 3.png

It was such a windy night,
but the booking clerk's cheeks were burning,
as he gave his carefully prepared gift,
the girl before him smiled,
the stars lit up the night.

Gifty LIM 6.png

There was never a wonderful time like this,
a holy fairy queen is singing,
angels were flapping their wings,
and the audience were watching intently,
but I was looking only at you.



Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201117 050000.png

As one of the most popular theatrical troupes, December Troupe had produced many excellent plays. But only a few know that 'Romeo and Cinderella' is also one of December Troupe's production.
    'Romeo and Cinderella' was just an ordinary love tragedy play when it was first performed on stage. But after the performances and re-creations of many other troupes, the lines and plots had been changed beyond recognition. Romeo is an all rounded hero who personally defeated three wicked women to rescue Cinderella. He even fought off other prince who came for the princess with fake Crystal Shoe.
    Perhaps because the plot was so bizarre after it was modified, 'Romeo and Cinderella' became a big hit and also became a perennial classic performance for campus troupes and small theaters.

    De Saber

2020-11-17 05:00:00
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201118 050000.png

When December Troupe first established, it actually gain recognition because of a supporting actress whom no one really knows now, Miranda.
    In 'Fighting Danas', a cowgirl, played by Miranda sacrificed herself as she rushed towards the exploding mine to save her friend. The highlight was Miranda's monologue before she rushed to the mine. Her graceful dancing and excellent acting totally captivated every audience.
    But when Miranda rose to fame, she had an affair with Davis, the chief tenor of Cicia Troupe, and rumors of her job hopping caused a great uproar. Miranda then left December Troupe in just six months, but instead of leaving to join Cicia Troupe, she surprised everyone and got married to an ordinary man, never returning to the stage again.

    De Saber

2020-11-18 05:00:00
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201119 050000.png

After December Troupe received some attention because of Miranda, they decided to push on and followed up with a new production 'Lie of Moonlight' within just a month. But perhaps of the rush, the first edition of the play received generally negative feedback, with a theater critic concluding it with 'The audience are the most fooled in this tragedy.'
    To make matters worse, the then popular Cicia Troupe was in the same town performing 'Madame Butterfly', completely stealing the show from December troupe. [sic] Although the then leader finally realized the problem and completely rearranged and redesigned 'Lie of Moonlight', Miranda, the originally decided heroine, had left the troupe by then.
    It was a really difficult time for December Troupe, and the new version of 'Lie of Moonlight' didn't manage to be released as scheduled. It was not until recently that they finally got to perform it in front of the audience, so 'Lie of Moonlight is said to be also known as their toughest production.

    De Saber

2020-11-19 05:00:00
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201120 050000.png

There used to be an unwritten agreed-on at the theater that staffs would only place a brochure on each seat if the hall was more than 70 percent full. In December Troupe's worst days, they had 20 shows in a row without brochures and the troupe almost disbanded.
    At that very moment, Pigeon Empire's famous hotel group - the Kloss Family funded a large sum to keep the troupe going. Compared to the group, the four young masters of the Kloss family were clearly more well-known. They once worked as waiters at their own hotel, causing the hotel to be fully booked by enthusiastic girls who wanted to have a romantic encounter with the rich young men.
    The reason for the funding has long been debated, but according to reliable sources, the Kloss family did not interfere with the operation of December Troupe after the investment. Instead, the new leader was in charge of the troupe's development. It seems likely that the Kloss family is just a facade, and that someone else might be the actual operator of December Troupe.

    De Saber

2020-11-20 05:00:00
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201121 050000.png

December Troupe have always been known for intricately designed gorgeous costumes. The origin of this feature can be traced back to 'Black and White Swan'.
    Back then, the troupe make [sic] a bold move using a new actress to play the white and black Swan. With the elegant pearl dance skirt of the white swan, the charming, alluring black dance skirt of the black swan, as well as the touching story and moving dance, every performance was consistently sold-out.
    After the premiere, the troupe successively performed a record breaking drama tour for more than 300 times in 25 cities in Apple Federation, Lilith Kingdom and Pigeon Kingdom.
    Miss Suri, the new actress who played both the white and black Swan became a household name. Years later, she teamed up with December Troupe again to challenge the contrasting personality of the Parrot Princess. Her interpretation of the song 'Fire of Blood Parrot' touched many audiences to tears. Miss Suri must have been blessed by the heaven for such incomparable acting skills.

    De Saber

2020-11-21 05:00:00
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201122 050000.png

Shortly after King Sayet's death, December Troupe put on a free musical concert in memory of him. When the news of styling contest in Rolterdan spread, the band members and actors in December Troupe took to the streets to cheer for the designers and stylists, an action praised far and wide.
    However, no one had expected the match to turn into a brutal war.
    Recently, stylists have been publicly thanking December Troupe for their help in the nine-day war. According to historical records, traffic was strictly under control during the nine-day war, but December Troupe managed to help stylists travel to Rolterdan or back home without any difficulty. One can't help wondering who the leader of December Troupe was that he was powerful enough to challenge national prohibitions?
    In order to scramble for clothing resources, December Troupe's gorgeous costumes were coveted by many, so at one point, December Troupe even announced to suspend all of their activities. But looking at it now, December Troupe might have done that just to make it easier to rescue their stylist in danger.

    De Saber

2020-11-22 05:00:00
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201123 050000.png

There's an anecdote that the owner behind December Troupe's is a good friend of King Sayet. But after looking through King Sayet's life, this might be just a speculation, otherwise there's no explanation as to why December Troupe never invited King Sayet to design their costumes.
    However, the renowned star designer, King Sayet does have a little-known history with December Troupe.
    Back then, King Sayet and the Ancient Pavilion Master were still young boys who were traveling around China mainland.[2] Near the Piero Theatre, both of them were moved by the performance and youthful spirit of two girls. Under their recommendations, the girls successfully took the stage of the Piero Theatre, and were since known as the 'Piero's Pure Twin Stars'.
    King Sayet and the Ancient Pavilion Master not only helped fulfill their actress dream, but also designed and made elegant performing costumes for them. The pure white performing skirt was light and bubbly, perfectly reflecting their purity and innocence. The two girls later joined December Troupe, and their masterpiece, 'Pure Sonata' is an enduring repertoire, which heavenly melody soothe all griefs like a clear stream. [sic]

    De Saber

2020-11-23 05:00:00
[2] The use of "China mainland" here is a mistranslation. Instead, it is meant to say continent (referring to Miraland).
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201124 050000.png

'Candy Witch and the Star Sea' is a classic play of December Troupe, with the 'Star Sea' dancing dresses [sic] being its highlight, attracting not only play lovers but also many stylists and designers. During its premiere at Cicia Grand Theater, both Miss Kimi of Apple Apparel Group and Nidhogg and the former prime minister of Lilith Kingdom [sic] attended.[3]
    As you all know, the 'Star Sea' was nearly stolen during its premiere. But as far as I can tell, there are a lot of doubts regarding this incident.
    First of all, the troupe received a warning letter from the phantom thief before the performance, but the stage did not seem to be affected by it, and after the incident, the prime Minister's guard immediately took control of the scene, so obviously, they were prepared for the incident.
    Secondly, the phantom thief who had stolen 'Star Sea' at such an important performance turned out to be the theater manager. It's not too difficult to enter the theater as a staff member, but the position of theater manager is obviously not for an inexperienced person, so I wonder if there's someone on the inside helping the phantom thief?
    So I finally came to a conclusion that the theft incident of the 'Star Sea' was just a publicity strategy by December Troupe to promote their new play, but I just couldn't get why the former prime minister was involved in this incident too, so maybe there's something else behind it.

    De Saber

2020-11-24 05:00:00
[3] The text refers to Nidhogg as if he is a different person from the former prime minister of Lilith Kingdom; this seems to be a mistranslation, because Nidhogg is the former prime minister of Lilith.
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201125 050000.png

Except for 'Star Sea', there was actually another theft incident which linked the phantom thief to December Troupe.
    In a small town named Heidi in the north of Pigeon Kingdom, Earl Essassin received a warning letter from the phantom thief stating that the phantom thief was targeting his collection 'Autumn in Wind Valley' by King Sayet. That night, Earl Essassin instructed men to surround and protect the collection.
    From what's remembered, when the clock struck at midnight, a strange scent spread across the room, but the earl refused to open the window, for fear that the phantom thief might sneak in, but eventually everyone in the room fainted. The next morning, King Sayet's work had disappeared.
    Some claimed to have seen Sofia and Hiber nearby. It happened to be during December Troupe's 'Magic of Magi' tour in Heidi town. But the troupe mentioned that both girls were rehearsing all night at the theater and would never had the time to leave. [sic]
    The matter was eventually forgotten by everyone except for the furious Earl Essassin. Unfortunately, we don't really know when King Sayet's 'Autumn in Wind Valley' can see the light of day again.

    De Saber

2020-11-25 05:00:00
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201126 050000.png

As the most prestigious troupe, December Troupe doesn't rest satisfied with the present and has never stopped to strive for a breakthrough.
    In the recent 'Echo of Seasons', the troupe presented a new form of 'immersive play' which allows audience to walk around in the play and be part of the plot. This is really a new play-watching experience.
    Furthermore, December Troupe launched a series of children's play to attract children to come to the theater. Whether it's the little match which won't admit defeat from 'The little match's dream' or the cute little squirrel from 'Squirrel Bobby', these are characters children can relate to. In the lively atmosphere, parents and children are left with beautiful memories, which is the true essence of childrens' plays.
    December Troupe also performs very well in classical orchestra. During its first Classical Concert 'The Sound of Classics', 'Sky Rhapsody', which was known as 'Miracle in December' while other performances had also received recognition from the professionals. [sic]

    De Saber

2020-11-26 05:00:00
Memories of December Troupe

Backstage Story - 20201127 050000.png

After reading everyone's comment, many are curious about my identity, but in fact, I am just a normal theater lover. Rather than being curious about my identity, let's discuss who the owner might be, that he could create this legendary troupe?
    December Troupe once attended Apple's President dinner, had been also invited by Queen Elle to perform at the Pigeon Palace, invited as special guests to the Cloud celebration, and had even performed on the stage at the White Stone Theater. It's said that even the high priest of the Windvale Tribe, Queen Nanari and King Royce are loyal fans of December Troupe; let alone Lilith Kingdom, in which both Queen Nanali and King Royce adore them. [sic]
    Recently, December Troupe also produced a play set in Ruin Island, a science fiction about a rabbit's journey to the moon. It seems like December Troupe is getting ready to enter the Ruin Island market. I probably wouldn't be surprised if the theater is filled with robot audience.
    Although the mysterious owner has never been seen in public, and information about him is scarce, I have been able to speculate a little by delving into various clues. But let me keep you in suspense for a little while more. Give me time to sort my materials and reveal the identity of December Troupe's owner tomorrow.

    De Saber

2020-11-27 05:00:00

Troupe Ad[]

December Troupe's new show 'Mask Town' premiers today

Backstage Story - 20201117 080000.png

December Troupe's latest immersive play 'Mask Town', which told the story of a series of unimaginably queer stories in Deremer town.
    This play broke through the inherent one-way viewing experience of plays. Audiences got to play the part of a visitor in town, becoming an important presence to the direction of the plot.
    The 'miracle' town, Deremer town, is where every dreamer calls home.
    But watch out for the voice in the chaos...

To purchase tickets or for more information, please contact the ticketing office.

2020-11-17 08:00:00
Noah's Special Interview

Backstage Story - 20201119 080000.png

A pair of extremely skillful hands, bringing breathtaking performances.
    As December Troupe's most sought-after magician, Noah's performance is always a sellout. When asked where he has learned his magic from, he always smiled confidently and replied, 'The wand of the Lord of magic accidentally pointed at me'.
    Recently, December Troupe released a new production 'Mask Town' starring Noah as one of the main characters. He expressed that the character of the role is similar to his own, but some parts of the plot is [sic] still very challenging for him. But when asked which part of the plot, he just smiled.
    Noah is starring as the oracle in Mask Town, so let's head to 'Mask Town' and find out what the challenges Noah mentioned are!

    Journalist Cali

2020-11-19 08:00:00
Review classic play, 'Lie of Moonlight'

Backstage Story - 20201119 100000.png

Being trapped in the dark and damp basement, the skylight became the girl's only spiritual support. One day, a figure appeared before the skylight... This seemingly beautiful encounter had been a lie from the start as the singer turned out to be a phantom thief. After the phantom thief succeeded in stealing the treasure he was seeking, he was caught when trying to save the girl, who was then forced into a family marriage. How would their story end?
    Although the play has only just been released, it has already received widely favorable feedback. Some who had watched the old version of the play are also full of praise for this re-make. It seems that abandoning the desire of quick success and profits, and focusing on producing good theatre is the only way to gain good reputation.

    Film critic, Charles

2020-11-19 10:00:00
Troupe's memorable incident, 'The Forgotten Lines'

It is inevitable for actors to make mistakes on stage and poor improvisation may turn it into an accident, but successful saves will become a fine story. Today, I'd like to share with you some interesting stories about the troupe.
    It was a monologue and the actor somehow sang 'my heart is Gifty because of you' instead of 'gone because of you'. The audience burst into laughter at that but the actor managed to brace himself through it and finished the scene.
    There's a scene in 'Phantom of The Opera' in which the heroine is walking alone in the theater when she heard the phantom singing. But that day, somehow, the phantom actor did not sing when he should be. Sofia, the actress, walked around the stage twice and realized the problem, she then said, 'I seem to hear the singing of an angel!' This alerted the actor and the performance went on smoothly.
    We often encounter awkward or embarrassing situations in life, and maybe we can be inspired by these stage mistakes on how to resolve them.

― I remembered there was once when the actress forgot her line and the audience helped her with it. The opera ended up turning into a concert, and the performance concluded with the chorus of the audience!

2020-11-20 10:00:00
Review classic play, 'The Parrot Light'

Backstage Story - 20201121 150000.png

The pure and kind parrot princess fell in love with the prince, but he imprisoned the parrot princess in a birdcage in the palace. Despair shrouded the sky as the parrot princess plucked off her pure white feathers and bleed, [sic] drenching her wings in red. Finally, black feathers grew, and the parrot princess returned to the forest. Some things, however, have changed.
    Freedom has always been a common theme in plays. In 'The Parrot Light', the selfish prince imprisoned the parrot princess, not knowing that true love is established on equality and understanding. Meanwhile, the parrot princess also paid a tragic price to regain her freedom.

    Film critic, Charles

2020-11-21 15:00:00
Troupe's memorable incident, Phantom Thief

Two days ago, The diamond mask from 'Joker Diamond Mask' was stolen. Fortunately, it has not been returned back this morning. This is not the first time a valuable prop was stolen, the 'Star Sea' incident which caused an uproar was also the work of a phantom thief.
    There are many kinds of phantom thieves, some who only aim museum collections and some who focus on stealing ill-gotten gains. Besides these, there are also those who longed to become a thief, but ended up making a fool of themselves. After 'Star Sea' was stolen, someone actually planned to imitate the last phantom thief and steal 'Star Sea' in the same way again. The thief sent notice in advance, but the date written was December Troupe's resting day, and there was no performance at all!
    So on that day, when a young man in a plastic mask slipped into the empty theater, he was easily apprehended by the guards who were already there waiting for him. The young man looked startled when caught.
    But not long after this incident, the young man went around boasting that December Troupe was forced to cancel their performance on that day just to prevent him from stealing 'Star Sea', what a joke!

2020-11-22 15:00:00
Troupe's memorable incident, The Mysterious Room

Nowadays, after watching a play, some of the audience who know a thing or two about styling design not only discuss about the performance, but also head to the styling room to room to compete based on the roles or different themes. Every time there is a hit show, Gifty, the judge in the styling room gets so overwhelmed that the audience often have to wait in long lines to compete.
    I paid a special visit to several veteran audiences for the reason of the existence of the styling room. It is said that in the beginning, there was no styling room in the theater, people either left right away or gathered with friends at the theater hall to discuss the performance.
    It was only until when December Troupe started touring the country, that their elaborate costumes attracted not only play lovers but also stylists and designers to see well-known designers' masterpieces. Over time, these people got used to having styling contests in the theater hall after watching a play. In order to not block the comings and goings of audiences, the theater decided to set up a special styling room for the contests.

― Let's meet in the styling room after tonight's performance!
― I love watching others compete in the styling room. I never realized that there was a story behind.

2020-11-23 15:00:00
Sofia's special report

Backstage Story - 20201125 080000.png

― Dancing is the light she has been searching for all her life.

    Every time Sofia stands on stage, she looks like a blooming flower in the valley and a star in the night sky, bringing everything to life.
    In December Troupe's latest immersive play, 'Mask Town', Miss Sofia starred as a young girl who loves dancing. According to the troupe's staff, this character is specially customized for Sofia. She's not only a professional dancer, but also has lots of fans in the play.
    Miss Sofia never spares herself in the pursuit of excellence and she even went through a three-month special dance training to perfectly interpret her role. And that's not all. She personally participated in the designing of the exquisite dress and costumes for her role as well.
    How will Miss Sofia perform in 'Mask Town'? You might as well go and witness it with your own eyes!

Journalist Cali

2020-11-25 08:00:00
Review classic play, 'Magic of Magi'

Backstage Story - 20201125 150000.png

Mannie, who always wanted to be a magician found a few pages of a spell book by chance. In her effort to search the magic partly written on the pages, she went into the forest to search for the legendary great wizard Lucy. But before they even met, Mannie nearly burned Lucy's house down and made a fool of herself in all sorts of awkward incidents.
    Everyone has different approaches in the pursuit of their dreams, but Mannie's way is particularly exciting. Maybe magic doesn't exist only in books as Mannie has cast the magic spell of 'Joy' on every audience.

    Film critic, Charles

2020-11-25 15:00:00
Review classic play, 'Squirrel Bobby'

Backstage Story - 20201126 100000.png

Bobby is a happy squirrel. It [sic] hops around in the forest picking fresh pine cones to share with his friends. All creatures in the forest like Bobby very much. But Bobby has a secret. He would often go to the quiet lake alone and sing loudly, and every time he sings, his big fluffy tail would swing following the rhythm.
    The play has become the children's favorite since its release and adults with childlike innocence have been coming to watch as well. If you wish to have a good relaxing time, allow me to recommend this cute play to you.

    Film critic, Charles

2020-11-26 10:00:00
'Twin Butterfly' stage photo sharing session

Backstage Story - 20201126 150000.png

2020-11-26 15:00:00
Review classic play, 'Flying Jade Rabbit'

Backstage Story - 20201127 100000.png

As an aviation jade rabbit robot, its mission is to explore the alien world. Riding on a rocket, the Jade Rabbit walks on the planet that has never been set foot on by human beings, excitedly taking precious images and videos everywhere for record. But unluckily she sprained her ankle. Will aliens or human beings come to her rescue?
    Since ancient times, human beings have had a vigorous spirit of exploration. They have never given up studying themselves nor do they the world. Although the current technology of Miraland is still not enough to turn scenarios into reality, it is believed that in the near future, human beings will also be able to step out of this world and explore further into the outer space.

    Film critic, Charles

2020-11-27 10:00:00
'Phantom in Desert' stage photo sharing session

Backstage Story - 20201128 100000.png

2020-11-28 10:00:00
Review classic play, 'Swan Love'

Backstage Story - 20201128 150000.png

Once upon a time, there was a huge lake where two cursed swans lived. The white swan turned into a girl only from dawn to sunset, while the black swan turned into a boy from dusk to sunrise. They seem to lead parallel lives, but during a romantic sunset dance, they met in their human forms...
    This play is adapted from the famous fairy tale 'The Swan on the Island' by Hayden, and in that fairytale, even when both the hero and heroine turned into swans, that couldn't stop fate from bringing them together. Perhaps Master Hayden is trying to tell us with this story that as long as the heart still yearns for life and beauty, we will be able to gain happiness.

    Film critic, Charles

2020-11-28 15:00:00

Audience's Messages[]

How December Troupe's name came to be

Many think that December Troupe gets its name from the fact that it was founded in winter, but I have a different view.
    December can also be referred to the twelve months in a year, so it seems that the troupe is ambitious as they want to perform all year round.

    December Troupe's loyal audience

― Is this it? Do I need you to tell me?
― The luckiest thing is being able to see Miss Sofia every month!

2020-11-17 15:00:00
Miranda's Affair

Seeing someone mentioning about Miss Miranda reminded me of stories I have heard of as a child.
    After Miranda rose to fame, she had lots of admirers, including Mr. Percy, the youngest son of then prime minister, whom she had a relationship with. Mr. Percy is said to have given Miranda a lot of invaluable jewelry when he was pursuing her. A stunning pair, they attended many of dinner galas together.
    But at the same time, Davis from Cicia Troupe also had his eyes on her and even fought with Percy over Miranda.
    Under circumstances unknown to anyone, the two men had a secret duel. The outcome was obvious as Miranda broke up with Percy soon after the fight, turning into strangers, as if they had never met. But surprisingly, Davis failed to win Miranda's heart even after so much effort.
    Miranda ended up marrying a person who was said to be a loyal fan of hers. After her marriage, she was often seen alone in simple attire at the market, without her actress aura anymore, and I wonder how Davis and Percy would feel if they see her so.

― Don't talk nonsense, Davis and Miranda are just longtime friends who met at a singing class when they were young.
― @above, it seems like you know some inside stories... So did the duel actually happen?
― The duel was real, but it wasn't due to jealousy. David couldn't bear that Percy's philandering hurt Miranda, so he decided to give him a lesson!

2020-11-18 10:00:00
Something strange happened at the theater last night!

I went to watch 'Joker Diamond Mask' yesterday. When Smile took out the diamond mask, the lights went out!
    When the lights came back on again, the diamond mask was gone and in place was a rose!
    Anybody knows what that was all about?

― Didn't you see the warning letter from the phantom thief on the message board yesterday?
― I sat in the first row and although it was dark, I did see someone stealing the mask, and after a while, another person chased after the thief!
― In fact, I saw something strange too. Miss Swenny was sitting next to me during the performance, and even comforted me when the lights went out, but she was nowhere to be seen when the lights were back on, and neither did she return after the theatre was let out!

2020-11-21 08:00:00
White and Black Swan Suit Designer, Star Seer

It is said that the 'Black and White Swan' costumes are designed by the famous Star Seer. The Star Seer drew inspiration from fairy tales and designed the pure and gorgeous white swan costume.
    I believe that no one who watched 'Black and White Swan' will forget black swan's enticing dance and the dark beauty of her movements.
    Although the portrayal of role is inseparable with an actors' skills, I personally think that the black swan's costume, which echoes with the white swan's yet completely different, is the key to Black Swan's charm.
    Speaking of the Star Seer, she possesses a natural power to perform divination, but her design ability is not to be underestimated. Perhaps other excellent designers derived their design skills from the starry sky too.
    My conjecture is not groundless because Miss Starlet, an apprentice of Star Seer, who often publishes divination information on 'Amphithea News' is also an excellent wedding dress designer.
    If there's a chance, I will also go high up and look at the starry skies to see if I can draw precious design inspiration.

2020-11-22 10:00:00
Stay Alert! The freak in cloak

I went to the theater's styling room after watching the performance yesterday to challenge someone in a styling contest. I met a man in a cloak who offered to compete with me in a new kind of styling contest, and I accepted the challenge out of curiosity.
    As a result, this 'ultimate endless styling' styling competition required us to change different styles for 99 times continuously, and I finally gave up on the 13th style... It wasn't only me. Even Gifty, the judge, was so dazed that he couldn't hold up his score.
    Here, I would like to remind everyone sincerely to take a detour if you meet this strange man in cloak! Even if you meet him, do not accept his styling contest request!

― You're too weak.
― Now that you say that, I really feel like challenging, to see which level I can reach, should I?
― Welcome to challenge me again next time. Fantasy Envoy

2020-11-23 10:00:00
The inside story of the 'Star Sea' theft

As far as I know, Sofia of December Troupe is actually a phantom thief who uses her identity as a dancer to steal while the troupe was on tour.
    The 'Star Sea' theft might even be self-directed and self-performed by her!

    Clever Jay Neil

― You've written such a tabloid headline, I thought you're an expert. Don't you know that the Star Sea skirt is Sofia's from the very beginning? She didn't have to steal.
Righteous passer-by

― Miss Sofia was almost hit by a falling lamp holder on the stage. Won't it be too dangerous if it was really her? She'd have accidentally hurt herself instead!
Sofia's biggest fan

2020-11-24 08:00:00
So curious! Who designed Star Sea?

Everyone knows that Star Sea is Miss Sofia's dancing dress which she inherited from her mother, but does anyone know who the designer of this gorgeous dress is?

― I remember someone saying that 'This is the most precious dancing dress in Miraland, a gift that the Lord of Starry Night gave to the human world, priceless and one of a kind.' Who is this Lord of Starry Night?
― @above, this is definitely written to compliment the dress. There's no such person as Lord of Starry Night.
― Don't ask, if you ask, it's King Sayet!
― ... There's a record of this dress even before King Sayet was born, okay!

2020-11-24 15:00:00
Who is the author of Memories of December Troupe?

This person has been serializing a lot about December Troupe's past lately. He or she seems to know a lot about them!
    The author calls itself De Saber, does anyone know the identity of this person?
    I'm really curious.

― Isn't the name De Saber a homonym of December in pigeon ancient language? I think it's juat an alias.
― Could it be the countess? She has always taken interest in such things.
― It doesn't look like her style and tone, and if it's the countess, why anonymous? I'm sure every article will be signed, 'Your omniscient Countess'!

2020-11-26 08:00:00
Curious about the identity of the owner of December Troupe

The author of December Troupe's past wrote that he would reveal the owner of the troupe tomorrow. I'm so excited!

― I'm also looking forward to it!
― I bet 5 Star Coin that the owner is the Mercury Group.
― ??? Then I bet it's Apple Apparel Group!
― Stop conjecturing, it's actually me!

2020-11-27 08:00:00
What happened to the serial?

The person who has been serializing about Memories of December Troupe has promised to announce the owner of the troupe today, but why hasn't he published yet?

― It's not that it wasn't published. Someone seemed to have torn it off!
― That's strange, I came to the message board early this morning but it wasn't here since then.
― That sounds so scary... Could it be that the owner of December Troupe wanted to keep his identity a secret, so he took down the notice and its author...

2020-11-28 08:00:00


Troupe actors recruitment notice

The 'Romeo and Cinderella' tour is about to start again!
    Recruiting the following characters:

    Requirements for Cinderella's sisters (2 actresses) and stepmother (1 actress): skilled in crying and quarreling. Would be best if able to sing whistle register.

    Requirements for Romeo (1 actor): all rounded, skilled in everything. Requirements can be lower if particularly handsome.

    Requirements for Prince (1 actor): handsome. Appearance can be overlooked if particularly good tempered and can endure thrashing.

    A few understudies:
    Requirements: be able to substitute all kinds of actors and cameos at any time, also to help in lighting, props, makeup and other positions, it's suitable for young people who are willing to challenge themselves.

― I can see, the cast is poor.
― Why are you not hiring a heroine?
― I've heard that there's a regular heroine in this troupe, who is known for her poor singing.
― Please don't talk about irrelevant content under the recruitment notice, thank you!

2020-11-17 10:00:00
Notice for missing object

I accidentally lost a notebook with my ticket stub collection in it. Although it's not valuable, it's really meaningful to me.
    If anyone sees it, please contact me.

    Verdant Leaf

Or you can submit it to Ticket Center.
I'll help you keep and deliver it.
—Ticket Officer
2020-11-18 08:00:00
Sofia's Fan Club Recruitment

Backstage Story - 20201118 150000.png

To all who loves Miss Sofia, welcome to Miss Sofia's fan club.
    We'll be holding irregular movie streaming events from time to time with the opportunity to receive mysterious givewaways!

    Sofia's Fan Club

― Support!

2020-11-18 15:00:00
'Joker Diamond Mask' is back

Backstage Story - 20201119 150000.png

The three-month tour of 'Joker Diamond Mask', an audience favorite, will begin from tomorrow night.

    A clown who brings joy,
put on a happy face
even when tears filled up his eyes,
his smile remains in place.

    Famous film critic, Charles commented 'When the audience are amused by a clown, their sadness doesn't go away, it has just been hidden by the clown.'

    To purchase tickets or for most information, please contact the ticketing office.

2020-11-19 15:00:00
Deslen's poetry has been published

Backstage Story - 20201120 080000.png

Deslen, the poet known as the Gifty version of Prindi, has just published his latest poetry collection, 'Perfection or Failure, in an instant'.
    The leader of December Troupe was invited to work on the preface, which Gifty has given it a perfect score!
    The Countess, King Royce, Ruin Island Queen Berta, Star Seer, Apple Apparel Group's Chairman Kimi and many other celebrities did not recommend it!

― Definitely supporting and I've bought tickets!
― Wow, many celebrities recommended this book. I'd definitely give it a go!
― @upstairs, read carefully, it's 'did not recommend'!

2020-11-20 08:00:00
Apologies for the theater accident last night

Last night, 'Joker Diamond Mask' performance was interrupted by an accident in which the Diamond mask was stolen and the troupe is truly sorry for that.
    In the coming days, we will work with the theater on strengthening the security measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.
    Since it'll take some time to re-fabricate the 'Diamond Mask' which is an important prop in this play, so it will be temporarily suspended until further notice.
    Those who have purchased their tickets may refund their tickets at the ticketing center and receive a small compensation gift.
    Once again, in regards to this accident, our apologies to those who really love and support live theatre.

    The leader of December Troupe

― This is not your fault, there's no need to apologize!
― How could I have missed such an exciting opportunity to meet the phantom thief during the play!
― I bought tickets for tomorrow already, but they are now wasted...

2020-11-21 10:00:00
The Diamond Mask has ben found

This morning, the theater received a parcel from Amphithea Express, in which contained the stolen diamond mask. The parcel wasn't addressed and contained nothing but the mask.
    Me and my fellow troupe members would like to express our heartfelt thanks to this wonderful person.
    Oh yeah, the mask had a hint of light orange blossoms scent, so we're guessing that this wonderful person must be an elegant lady.
    If anyone has any clue, please let us know as we would like to express our gratitude in person.
    Furthermore, as the prop has been recovered, 'Joker Diamond Mask' will be back in action starting tomorrow. Please support us.

― Orange flower scent? I've actually heard of a phantom thief who always leave [sic] an orange flower scent at the crime scene.
― I have a feeling that there's a big story behind the mask being found again!
― What? I just refunded my ticket, is it still available for purchase?

2020-11-22 08:00:00
Tickets for Alois' concert are now available

Backstage Story - 20201123 080000.png

Open your wings and you will learn to fly.
    No matter what challenges you're facing, no matter how many times you've teared, never give up on your dreams.
    Alois is Lilith town's new idol, and tickets for her concert tour are now available.
    Listen to Alois will singing you [sic] 'Stars and Dreams'.

    To purchase tickets or for more information, please contact the ticketing office.

― Go for it, Alois! We will always be here for you!
Alois Fan Club

― Angelic voice, graceful dance, we love you, to eternity! Looking forward to Alois concert tour!
Alois' rabbit.

2020-11-23 08:00:00
The December Troupe costume show is about to begin

Backstage Story - 20201124 100000.png

Hand in hand, December Troupe and Apple Apparel Group are organizing a costume exhibition at City Square of Welton next month.
    It is expected that more than 100 pieces of December Troupe's classic play costumes will be exhibited. Everyone is welcome to visit this exhibition.

    To purchase tickets or for more information, please contact the ticketing office.

2020-11-24 10:00:00
Overflowing crowd at Deslen's signing session.

Backstage Story - 20201125 100000.png

Deslen organized a poetry collection signing session at the theater yesterday afternoon.
    The signing session was packed with Gifty from everywhere, each holding Deslen's poetry collection and waiting for his autograph in line.
    At the same time, a large number of readers dressed in costumes with Gifty elements mingled in the crowd.
    As a famous Gifty poet, Deslen's work include 'Pigeon's Skirt', 'Freya's Kiss', and his latest collection, 'Perfection and Failure, in an Instant'.

    There's still a small number of limited signed poetry collections at the theater, so those who are interested may order it at the ticketing counter.

2020-11-25 10:00:00
You are cordially invited to the Fantasy Styling Contest

I will organize a Fantasy Styling Contest at the theater styling room tonight, and I sincerely invite all styling enthusiasts to participate in it.

    Fantasy Envoy

― I sincerely remind all of you not to attend...
― Does the name of this 'fantasy envoy' sound familiar to you?
― The guy in cloak someone was talking about the other day, right?

2020-11-27 15:00:00

Other Notices[]

Drama Examination

This a [sic] classic line from 'Romeo and Cinderella', do you know what follows after it?
    'Juliet, I swear by this fair moon that painted these branches in silver—'

― I can answer this! 'Wait, I'm Cinderella, Your Highness.'
― Hahaha and then Romeo laughed and answered her, 'I'm Romeo, not the prince...'
― Who's Juliet? Isn't this play called 'Romeo and Cinderella'?
― To answer @above, in the beginning, Romeo was told by Cupid in his dream that Juliet is his fate, but he mistakenly shot the love arrow at Cinderella while he was yawning!

2020-11-17 12:00:00
Drama Examination

Backstage Story - 20201118 120000.png

Guess which famous actor does the above silhouette belong to?

    Previous Answer:
    'Oh no! Please don't swear to the moon yet. My name is Cinderella, Your Highness.'

― First, we exclude actors and actresses with short hair.
― Do we still need to guess? It's so obvious!

2020-11-18 12:00:00
Drama Examination

Backstage Story - 20201119 120000.png

Previous Answer: Sofia

Today's Question: Which of the following films is starred by Suri, the national heroine?

  1. The Parrot Light
  2. The Mantis Light
  3. The White Dove Light

― Remember those years when we cried for the parrot princess?
― I've liked Miss Suri since she was in 'Black and White Swan!'
― I don't think kids nowadays still know who Suri is.

2020-11-19 12:00:00
Drama Examination

Who is the real identity of 'Lie of Moonlight' singer, Seri?

  1. Stylist
  2. Phantom Thief
  3. Earl
  4. Just Singer

Answer to previous question: The Parrot Light

― *Sob*, today is another day I'm touched to tears by beautiful love!
― I love Seri's singing forever! I remember his glance in the last scene. It was amazing!

2020-11-20 12:00:00
Warning Letter

A warning letter from the phantom thief

The Circus's show is about to start.
The joker's smile is so perfect.
With the swing in the sky.
I'll make her forget to cry.
2020-11-20 15:00:00
Drama Examination

King Goffrey plays Henry the Knight in 'Sword of the Knights', what color is the sword Henry holds?

  1. Black
  2. Rainbow
  3. Silver White
  4. Colorful Black

Answer to previous question: Phantom Thief

― Although the play is good, King Goffrey's look was really weird... I wonder if he had offended the stylist.
― 'Different strokes for different folks'. I myself find it quite unique to match red hair with green cape.
― @above, are you serious? I'd like to introduce you a strange man in cloak.

2020-11-21 12:00:00
Drama Examination

What is the opening line of the classic musical 'Phantom of the Opera'?

    Answer to previous question: Silver white

― It can't be 'Hi everyone, I'm Phantom of the Opera' right?
― Perhaps it is. After all, a philosopher once said that the most complicated questions always have the simplest answers.
― The philosopher you're talking about, is his name Snitzky Brandon?

2020-11-22 12:00:00
Drama Examination

What author's fairy tale is the classic play 'Swan Love' based on?

    Answer to previous question: 'This is a story about love and desire.'

― You mean the movie which costume was designed by Star Seer?
― @above, I think you're talking about Black and White Swan right! This is Swan Love, although it also has one black swan and one white swan...
― Hey, it's clearly one pink and one black okay! [4]

2020-11-23 12:00:00
[4] This comment was not formatted like a separate comment in the English translation, but the original Chinese translation had it formatted as a new comment.
Drama Examination

Who was the composer who composed the music for the play 'Bound Perseus'?

    Answer to previous question: Hayden

― I know, he's the one who wrote the 'Da, Da, DaDaDa, DaDaDaDaDa' song, right?
― The melody actually came to me automatically after seeing these DaDaDa.

2020-11-24 12:00:00
Drama Examination

In the play 'Earl's Servant Murder Case', how did the manservant Hoggs kill the earl?

    Answer to the previous question: Wo·Ziki

― If I'm not wrong, this is a five-hour play, but the murder case takes up only three minutes at the end.
― Is that so? I can only remember dozing off after ten minutes.
― Speaking of which, I can still remember the special MO of the murderer till today.

2020-11-25 12:00:00
Drama Examination

Backstage Story - 20201126 120000.png

The poster of which play is the above partial screenshot from?

Answer to the previous question: Hoggs had been feeding the earl's horse with purgative forage, and when the earl was checking on the horse, he accidentally slipped on the horse manure and fell off the cliff.

― Seeing this, everyone must be thinking of the line, 'Greedy ones, you can never claim the brilliance of the starry sky.'
― I know, I know! It's 'That woman'!

2020-11-26 12:00:00
Drama Examination

In the opera 'Travel in the Dream', where was Tina's last stand?

    Answer to the previous question: Candy Witch and the Star Sea

― This play influenced me a lot. I even decided to start saving for my trip around the world. Too bad I can't control myself from spending!
― I hope someone publish an issue of all Tina's costumes in 'Travel in the Dream'. I especially want to own the dress in the last scene.

2020-11-27 12:00:00
Drama Examination

Play mini-game: Improvisational theatre is a very interesting form of play that mainly put to the test the performers' reflexes and ability to improve. Let's play an interesting game with your friends! Let's improvise a play on street and see how strangers react to it?

    Answer to the previous question: Hela Vi

― Sounds interesting! There might be unexpected scenes!
― My cousin and I tried using pillows as fake bombs and threw them at passers-by. Don't ask me how it went cause all I know is that the bed at the detention center is really hard.

2020-11-28 12:00:00