A Different Doll
A Different Doll
Similar with other dolls, only it didn’t choose to wield a chopper, perhaps it carries something soft from her.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Accessory, Ground
Attributes: Mature Sexy
Rarity: H5
Color(s): Black/Red
Wardrobe #: 4110
Obtained by: Night Castle event

A Different Doll could be obtained from the Night Castle event and can now be obtained through Recipe Crafting.


A doll with black hair and wings. The dress burgundy with gold strands on the back, and the red bow in the hair has a golden cross attached to it.


Crafted from:Edit


The recipe can be bought in the Store of Starlight for 3 Starlight Coin.

Used to craft:Edit

Gallery SuitEdit

A Different Doll is part of the Pigeon suit Eternal Instant.

The other parts of this suit are Infinite Dark, Eternal Instant, Blood Flower Wither, Dim Way, Faint Light in Night, Extinguished Fire, Remaining Ember, Wings of Hunt, All Gone Silent, Shadow Dolls, Ominous Bat and Sorrow of Eternity.

There is an alternative version of the suit. It contains Infinite Dark, Coffin Closed, Faint Light in Night, Midnight Split, All Gone Silent, Shadow Dolls, Ominous Bat, A Different Doll and Sorrow of Eternity.


Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool
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