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A-huan (阿歡) is a character that appears in Shining Nikki.



A-huan is a pleasant looking woman with warm light brown hair tied into a braid. She wears a puffy dark brown dress with a white apron, both with flowers on them, and a wide-brimmed white-and-brown hat with yellow flowers. She has a yellow kerchief around her neck.



A-huan first appeared when she helped Nikki and Momo travel across the river from Flower Town to Xingyu Town. She rowed the boat and told Nikki a little about where they were going, such as the fact that all of the cities in Ninier (Lilith Kingdom) were based on a fairy tale, including Xingyu Town. When Nikki expressed curiosity, A-huan told her that it was based on the tale of the Xingyu Swan, and sang her the story[1][2].

A-huan met Nikki again while Nikki was searching for a suit. When Nikki showed it to her, A-huan told her that she could never forget that suit. She explained that it was from a significant competition in Ninier called the Xingyu Swan Competition, and that even the current queen, Queen Lilith, had been a previous winner of the competition. A-huan admitted that she wanted to compete as well, so she battled Nikki[3][2].

A-huan was impressed with Nikki's performance, and encouraged her to compete as well. She then finished the story about the last competition, explaining that a fire had begun that burned away the winner's good looks. After catching sight of how she looked afterwards, A-huan pitied her[4][2].


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