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The 7 Nations are the lands that make up Miraland, the new world Nikki finds herself in. Each one is vastly different from each other and consists of their own styles and features.

Each nation has its own Suits the player can obtain by finishing certain chapters, achievements, buying with real money, events, and more.


Apple Federal
The other biggest nation beside Cloud. It boasts a fashionable and modern style.
Lilith Kingdom
A cute fairyland that heals everything with smile and sweet!
Cloud Empire
Gorgeous and oriental style. The grand cities and elegant clothes complement each other.
Pigeon Kingdom
A magic kingdom that is both fantastic and sacred. People here advocate a complex and fantasy style.
North Kingdom
A nation bathed in storm and fire that excels at arctic and neutral style.
Republic of Wasteland
A primitive wild nation with ancient culture. They are skilled at tribal and aboriginal style.
Ruin Island
A remote isle country driven by advanced technology. Their style is simple and futuristic.
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