In the Sixth Clinic, you can ask for anything: ravishing beauty, the most dexterous hands for making clothes, a brain with endless inspiration...But for exchange, you must sell your soul to the Demon.

The 6th Clinic event was a stage event that ran from June 28th to July 4th, 2017.

How to Play Edit

Part 1 Edit

Take the personality quiz; depending on how similar the player's answers were to other players', a discount of 50% will be given.

If the answer was less than 50% similar to other players', a discount for the White Demon suit would be given.

If it's more than 50%, a discount for the Sly Angel suit would be given. The test could be retaken as many times as desired, until the 'Claim' button is pressed.

Part 2 Edit

Completing the stages in the event map would free the trapped souls and award Demon Contract (Demon Contracts).

Exchange the contracts for pieces of the Sly Angel and White Demon suits. Each stage could be replayed 5 times per day, and more attempts could be bought for 30 Diamond each.

Triggering the 'Soul Release' effect would award 6 Demon Contract, and failing a stage would not deduct an attempt.

Suits Edit

Sly Angel Edit

Total Cost (Without Discount): 2,028 Demon Contract

White Demon Edit

Total Cost (Without Discount): 2,240 Demon Contract

Videos Edit

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