• Nikki: Is this... the world in a mirror?
  • (Countless, glittering stars float on the surface of an azure lake. At its heart, a resplendent tree looms high over the water, exuding a warm, eternal glow.)
  • (Elves inhabit by the lake. Fairies rest on the branches. Floral, enveloped in a pure white halo, is playing harp elegantly.)
  • Debbie: Is this...Pigeon Forest?
  • Momo: Why there is such a place in the mirror?
  • ???: You do not like this dream land?
  • (Following that mysterious voice, the scene changes to that of a lively amusement park. Laughter and brisk music can be heard in the background.)
  • Nikki: Hello, my name is Nikki, and these are my friends, Momo and Debbie. We escaped into this world to avoid capture. May I ask who you are?
  • Momo: It looks like he's the owner of this place.
  • ???: I'm a divine mirror made and left behind by god. My name is Eli.
  • Eli: I have waited long for your arrival, guests of Pigeon Forest.
  • Nikki: You've been waiting for us? Why?
  • Eli: Have you forgotten the agreement at Lake Bovaly? Chloris will be very upset with you if you have.
  • Momo: Chloris? Sounds very familiar.
  • Debbie: Chloris... The Elf Prince! Ah, I remember now!
  • Eli: Do all humans have such poor memory? Or, this alliance means nothing to you?
  • Debbie: I'm a dwarf, not a human! My memory is just fine, I'll have you know! I know who you're looking for, and it isn't us!
  • (A fairy figure comes into view in the air.)
  • Eli: What do you mean, it isn't you?
  • Nikki: You're Eli, right?
  • Eli: Correct, sweetheart.
  • Nikki: I have no idea of the 'agreement' you said... You must be mistaking us for some other people.
  • Eli: Mistake? Impossible! Even though you humans all look so alike, I could never mistake anyone for that super talented stylist.
  • Eli: Why don't you and that shorty try your hand at matching a carnival outfit ? Let me see just how strong you really are.
  • Debbie: Don't call me shorty!


There is no concluding dialogue.

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