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Opening: Edit

  • (As the fresh July rain washes through the streets of the Royal City, sunlight pours over the rose bushes in the Royal City Garden.)
  • (A stuffy breeze blows through the air, ceaselessly disturbing the thick curtains of the royal palace)
  • (A young, pink-haired girl rubs her sweaty temples gently. She turns and, lifting the hem of her dress, hurries back into the room)
  • Nikki: We can't wait any longer, Momo. Tomorrow's the day we're supposed to meet Ransa at the train station. At the latest, we'll be leaving the Royal City tonight.
  • (Momo, who is resting on a velvet cushion, sighs and puts down his grilled fish upon hearing this.)
  • Momo: That's the fifth time you've said the same thing, Nikki. And every time you say that–
  • (There is a knock at the door. A maid wearing a monocle enters.)
  • Maid: (Smiles) If Lady Nikki wishes to leave, please allow me to accompany you.
  • Momo: (Whispers) Here Nikki, maybe some grilled fish will help you relax a bit?
  • Nikki: Excuse me... but when can we leave the Royal City?
  • Maid: When the Queen gives permission.
  • Nikki: In that case, I would like to speak with the Queen.
  • Maid: My apologies, Lady Nikki. The Queen only wants to hear the answer, not a request to leave Royal City.
  • (Suddenly, a cry bursts out outside the window.)
  • (The maid takes a look at Nikki, then bows slightly before she leaves the room quickly and locks the door.)
  • Nikki: What's happening out there?
  • Momo: Don't tell me Ransa came to rescue us?
  • (Shortly afterwards, they hear the sound of the door unlocking.)
  • Nikki: Who?
  • (No answer. Nikki peeks outside, and sees a figure hurrying off.)
  • Momo: Strange...why would that person unlock the door and run away like that? Is this a trap?
  • Nikki: The figure looks quite familiar to me... Whether it's a trap or not, we have no choice but to risk it.
  • Nikki: Let's get out here, Momo.
  • Momo: Wait, Nikki! You're gonna run in that long dress? Change into something easy to move first!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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