The 1st Anniversary event was a quests event that ran from April 11th to April 27th, 2018. Subsequent anniversary events were held annually from then on.


Your company is most beautiful

After spring, summer, autumn and winter

After joy, sorrow, laugh and tear

Finally understand, the best is your company

Compared to I know, I can, what matters is I'm here

It's a big world. I'm here. You're here.

How to Play Edit

There were 6 quests. Complete them to earn rewards such as Diamond, Gold, Karma Crystal, Starlight Coin, and the Sweet Breeze suit.

Quests Edit

1. Let's become a polymath of Miraland Edit

Enter the FaceBook page through the event banner and follow it.

Reward: 50 Diamond

2. Let's face every challenge together Edit

Complete any Journey stage 5 times.

Reward: 60 Stamina

3. Let's walk through the seasons Edit

Draw in the Time Yard pavilion 5 times.

Reward: 5 Karma Crystal

4. Let's celebrate our 1st anniversary Edit

Sign in 5 times.

Reward: 10,000 Gold

5. Let's step onto the new journey Edit

Unlock the Time Diary section in Achievements.

Reward: 30 Starlight Coin

6. Thanks for your company Edit

Complete all the tasks.

Reward: Sweet Breeze suit

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