Story: As Nikki and company prepare to head to the church's dining hall, a young nun knocks at the door, carrying a delicious breakfast for them all...

Dialogue Edit

  • Young Nun: Breakfast is ready, young friends of Orlando.
  • Kimi: Pardon me, but who are you? And where is Miss Azula?
  • Young Nun: She is busy today, so she lets me bring you breakfast. You aren't...suspicious of me, by any chance?
  • Kimi: (Takes the tray in hesitation) No, of course not. Thank you.
  • (The young nun smiles, then promptly walks away in the opposite direction)
  • Kimi: (Puts down the tray) Let's go to the cafeteria.
  • Momo: But what about this cake!? It looks so tasty...we really can't have any?
  • Nikki: I don't recall seeing that nun ever before... Orlando isn't here, so we need to be more cautious.
  • (A few minutes later, in the church's cafeteria)
  • Momo: Cereal, bread, and fresh milk! Sometimes a nice, simple breakfast is all you need to feel at ease!
  • Momo: Huh?! Why do I feel so drowsy...Nikki...Nikki, quickly, help me up...
  • Nikki: I don't feel well, either....could it be that...even the food down here...?
  • Kimi: Damn...those people...
  • (The drug takes effect quickly, and the three fall into a deep sleep at the table)
  • (The young nun emerges from a dark corner of a nearby corridor, a sly smile on her face)

Trivia Edit

  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.
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