Dialogue Edit

Opening: Edit

  • Bobo: Damn, I have a bad feeling about this...
  • Nikki: What?
  • Bobo: Look. Why is this place getting darker and darker? And after several turns, I'm completely lost...
  • Momo: We're just lost, is all... Don't be so nervous, after all, it's not Fantasy Envoy with his crazy styling skill...
  • Fantasy Envoy: It seems I'm still as popular as usual!
  • Bobo: Aaaaahhhh! Fantasy Envoy?! How come you are here! Can we pretend not seeing each other and go on walking...
  • Fantasy Envoy: No way, what's done is done! Just like the fact you are lost. Denying to accept it won't change it.
  • Momo: Yeah, thanks for the reminder...
  • Bobo: Yeah, you see we are lost. So let's leave the contest next time. See you!
  • Fantasy Envoy: Hey now, what's the rush? How about this? Defeat me in a fortune teller suit, and I'll show you to the right road! Simple, right?
  • Bobo: It sounds like a good deal to me...will you accept his challenge, Nikki?
  • Nikki: I accept your challenge... But you are sure you know the roads, right?

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

Journey Stages
Chapter 1 Arriving the Wheat Field
Chapter 2 Fairy Tale World Lilith
Chapter 3 'Witch and Star Sea'
Chapter 4 The Tea Party
Chapter 5 Mutated Tea Party
Chapter 6 Flower Field Encounter
Chapter 7 Celestial Pavilion
Chapter 8 Mysterious Moonlit City
Chapter 9 Styling Contest Prelude
Chapter 10 Styling Contest Games
Chapter 11 Styling Contest Finals
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Chapter 13 Wasteland Exoticism
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