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Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: (Wha...where am I? What happened to me?)
  • Familiar Voice: (Nikki, wake up...)
  • Nikki: (...I remember now. We were having breakfast in the church, and...and then..)
  • Nikki: Umm...
  • Kimi: ...You're finally awake, Nikki.
  • Nikki: Kimi, Momo...Are you alright? What...happened to us? Where are we...?
  • Kimi: We're fine. I took a look around before you woke up; it looks like we're on a plane...
  • Kimi: But it's strange...there's no one else on this plane but us.
  • Momo: I'm sorry, this is all my fault...I insisted on leaving to find Bobo, and we got taken by surprise because of it...
  • Kimi: No, it's really my fault. After having been through so much in the morning, I should really do as Orlando said-go to Azula for help, but I didn't...
  • Nikki; Stop blaming yourselves, it's no one's fault, okay? Hey Kimi, do you still have the communicator Orlando gave you? Maybe we can still get ahold of him?
  • Kimi: (Shakes head) All the communication devices were taken away, and what's really surprising is that the kidnappers didn't take White Blossom...
  • (Nikki looks to where Kimi is pointing and, sure enough, the familiar case is lying on an operating table in the corner)
  • Momo: W-wait! What's an operating table doing on a plane? This is way too creepy!
  • Kimi: There is more than just an operating table; I found some strange things in the middle of the cabin, too. Change into some light clothing, I'll show you.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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