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  • (With Orlando's help, the group passes the blockade safely. However, rather than directly to Losol City, Orlando takes Nikki and the others to the woods southwest of the city)
  • Orlando: Please wait for a while here. I got one thing to confirm. It won't take long.
  • Nikki: What is it?
  • Kimi: Is it new quest of Security Agency? Or...about the message that Shade shows around Losol City...
  • (Kimi ponders to herself for a moment, then jumps out of the car and walks up to Orlando)
  • Kimi: Tell me, Orlando. Does Shade's appearance have something to do with my father?
  • Momo: W-what?! Shade's target Lady Kimi's father all along? That must be why he came to Losol City so soon after stealing White Blossom...
  • Nikki: Shade... The deadliest weapon of League Till. He came all the way from North to Apple. There must be something greater than White Blossom...
  • Kimi: So, Orlando, can you tell us your plan, please?
  • Orlando: According to Security Agency intel, there is also a covert League recon outpost southwest of Losol City
  • Orlando: My plan was to leave you here and sneak into the post alone to gather information, but...
  • Kimi: But what?
  • Orlando: But I changed my mind. There might be league spies out here, so leaving you behind is too dangerous. That's why I must ask you all to cooperate with me, instead.
  • Bobo: Wow, are we really going to infiltrate an enemy outpost? Ahh, should I dress as an officer, or a secret agent? No no no, an assassin would definitely look cooler...
  • Momo: What are you going about, Bobo? ...If you ask me, a pastry chef would be better disguise for you.
  • Momo: That way, you can at least throw pies in the enemy's face to secure our escape...
  • Orlando: A pastry chef? Not a bad idea, actually. With Satiroth Town's proximity to Losol City, dressing up as a small-town chef may hide your identity quite well.
  • Orlando: Change into a pastry chef outfit and let's go.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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