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Opening: Edit

  • Bobo: Why, if it isn't Debbie, from the Iron Rose Stylist Group!
  • Momo: Hi!
  • Nikki: Debbie, how are you!
  • Debbie: Oh, it's just you guys. Are you standing in my way because you want to challenge me?
  • Nikki: We just wanted to say hello. Why did you come to Welton alone, Debbie?
  • Debbie: They wouldn't come with me to the Welton City Library, so I came alone... Well, it's their loss, anyways!
  • Debbie: You know, the Welton City Library is the largest library in the entire Apple Federation. It's open for free to all people all year round and is also well-stocked.
  • Debbie: Even an outstanding stylist like me can learn a lot of new things here!
  • Nikki: You already know so many other things too, Debbie!
  • Bobo: And when Debbie becomes serious, she looks so cute!
  • Debbie: ...Hey, are you listening to me?...
  • Bobo: Sure, sure! I hear you loud and clear!
  • Bobo: (Whisper) Nikki, why don't we compete with Debbie using the Lilith style? I really want to see Debbie in a Lilith skirt, I bet it'll look lovely!
  • Debbie: Huh? What are you two whispering about? I heard it all! Lilith style? That won't stop me!
  • Nikki: Fantastic! Debbie, let's compete using Lilith style attire!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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