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Opening: Edit

  • (After saying goodbye to Vivi, Nikki and the others arrive at the chairman's office door)
  • Orlando: The chairman's office is straight ahead. Should we distract them again?
  • Kimi: (Hesitates slightly)... No need. I know these guards. They remain as faithful guards for years. I'll go directly and ask what's this all about.
  • (At the door, the guards are startled by Kimi's arrival)
  • Guard: Milady?! Why are you here?!
  • Kimi: I'm investigating my father's whereabouts. You've been protecting him all the time. Before the kidnapping, did you see anyone suspicious?
  • Guard: Well... My lady, we don't know.
  • Nikki: But you are Chairman Schiller's guards! How could you know nothing about it?
  • Momo: That's right! Something this big must have left some evidence behind, so why aren't there any clues to be found?
  • Bobo: According to Charles, Chairman Schiller is apparently abroad for the holidays.
  • Bobo: When we asked for clues about the kidnapping, you only said you didn't know, but you didn't deny the kidnapping itself...
  • Kimi: So, you knew my father had an accident, yet you chose not to tell the truth, am I right?
  • Guard: ...What are you saying? I don't understand.
  • Kimi: Since the police weren't informed, then except Charles, nobody touched the files in there, right?
  • Guard: My Lady, what are you doing? No one can enter the office without the chairman's permission, not even you!
  • Kimi: Which chairman do you mean, my father or Charles? Or do you mean the Apple Apparel Group no longer belongs to my father?!
  • Guard: My Lady, if you insist on searching the office, then please pardon us for being rude.
  • Kimi: Nikki, help me choose some formal wear. I don't want any conflict...but it seems we don't have a choice.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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