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  • Momo: We're finally out... I thought I was gonna get stuck in the baseball field's iron gate.
  • Bobo: Hahaha, moron Momo! You may want to eat less grilled fish!
  • Nikki: Hey look, over there! Isn't that the helicopter!
  • Kimi: ...Why would it land here?... Let's go over and have a look.
  • (Nikki and the others slowly walk to the helicopter. The hatch suddenly opens, and a tall figure jumps out and blocks their way)
  • Female Thief: Stop.
  • Nikki: You... Just who the hell are you? Were you the one who stole White Blossom?
  • (As the chopper's engine roars, the lady thief lifts her hand to remove her mask)
  • Sofia: (Smiling) Forgot so soon? We just met each other outside the dining hall.
  • Bobo: Sofia!!!... How could it be you!?
  • Momo: It can't be...Sofia, tell me, is it you who stole White Blossom?
  • Sofia: It's Hiber. When we met outside the dining hall, I just came back from taking back the White Blossom. Now, time to return it to its owner.
  • (Sofia goes forward and hands the suitcase to Kimi)
  • (Kimi takes the suitcase doubtfully. The neatly-folded White Blossom lay perfectly in the box. Eris' Kiss lies brilliantly on its veil, emitting a gentle light)
  • Sofia: Someone hired Hiber to steal the dress. I can stop Hiber, but they won't let go of White Blossom so easily, so please be more careful.
  • Orlando: Don't trust anyone too easily, even if he is a gentleman.
  • Bobo: You mean Orlando?!
  • Kimi: Orlando! So the Apple Apparel Group incident has something to do with your mission? You joined Sofia to...
  • Orlando: You should thank this lady thief for cooperating with me to take back White Blossom and return it to you.
  • Sofia: Those who covet White Blossom must have a bigger plot. I can only help you over this.
  • Kimi: So, who is the gentleman you were talking about? Was he behind White Blossom's theft?
  • Orlando: The man who hired Hiber to steal White Blossom is Reid.
  • Kimi: (In surprise)...him?
  • Bobo: I knew he was trouble from the start; tonight's incident was all his doing! How terrible...
  • Orlando: I tracked a hitman to Welton and found that he's connected with Reid. Both of them are after White Blossom.
  • Kimi: A hitman... Could it have been Shade, the sniper wanted in seven kingdoms?
  • Orlando: That's right. But I lost his trail just yesterday...
  • Nikki: Kimi... What are we going to do now? Chairman Reid is the person who stole White Blossom; could the information he gave you also be a trap?
  • (Kimi was silent for a whole, then finally announced her decision)
  • Kimi: In the end, I'm still so careless... If Reid wants me to go to the group's treasure room, then so be it.
  • Kimi: Orlando, didn't you just say their mutual target is White Blossom? Why don't we use it to draw them out?
  • Orlando: It's risky, but a good idea nonetheless. Since our goals align, allow me to protect you during our mission.
  • Nikki: Sofia... What about you?
  • Sofia: I don't want to be seen with the army... I'll escort you for a while, consider it my farewell.
  • (Sofia flies the helicopter to the top of the Apple Apparel Group building, and drops Nikki and the others off)
  • (Nikki and the others hide in the shadows atop the building, watching Sofia pilot the helicopter into the night sky)
  • (Then, several police helicopters hiding around previously took off and followed Sofia)
  • Nikki: We really owe Sofia this time... she really is a good person.
  • Kimi: Yes, Reid's plans would have worked but for her. Let's go; hopefully we can find some clues in the treasure room before these people go on the move.
  • (Kimi leads Nikki and the others to the top of the Apple Apparel Group building, but soon, guards were found around the entrance of the office area)
  • Kimi: They've even deployed guards here...This is so strange.
  • Nikki: What are we going to do, defeat them?
  • Kimi: These people are probably with Charles, so we better go in discreetly.
  • Kimi: How about this, Nikki? Why don't you change into a peculiar dress and put these clothes on the fence over there to distract the guards?
  • Kimi: After they leave, I will help Orlando crack the lock. Come find us after you distract them, and be careful!
  • Nikki: Sure, leave it to me!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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