Dialogue Edit

  • Nikki: Shopkeeper Lu, did you just say that Zhong Lizi led Luochuan troops and occupied Cloud City?
  • Lu Yinian: Haha, who would know that scholar is now a general and he reclaimed our lost city from the League Till!
  • Lu Yinian: Last time I saw the two, they are still escaping. Now that Zhong has made such a feat, maybe her father would not disagree.
  • Bai Yongxi: Without the inner conflicts of League Till and the support of adviser Zhu, that boy can only dream of this victory.
  • Bobo: Ugh! You... You didn't even go to the front line. What gives you the right to come here and spread your unfounded opinion?
  • Momo: Nikki! Bobo! Isn't this the strange man who traded a police badge for the White Blossom Banquet invitation?
  • Bai Yongxi: Nonsense. What is strange about trading a treasure for an invitation letter?
  • Momo: ...Fine, fine then. Say what you like about the invitation letter, but you can't say something like that about Zhong Lizi!
  • Lu Yinian: Let's take a break! Nikki, let me introduce you. This is Bai Yongxi, cousin to Bai Jinjin. These are Bai Jinjin's friends.
  • Bai Yongxi: Oh? You are friends with Bai Jinjin, let's sit together and have a drink.
  • Momo: A moment ago he was very fierce... But now I'm Bai Jinjin's friend, suddenly so nice?!
  • Nikki: Well... For now, we have to help Landlady Lu. We might be free later...
  • Bai Yongxi: I understand, maybe later then...

Trivia Edit

  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.
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