Story: The astrolabe can obviously accurately divine fortune, so why is the direction so clouded? The Wilton urban area skyscrapers are growing. You don't want to get lost.

Dialogue Edit

  • Starlet: ...Neptune... Twelve o'clock. That means, that may be an unexpectedly lucky day...
  • Starlet: No, that's not right. I'm not here for fortune-telling... Let's do this again...
  • Bobo: Hey, that girl over there is it... Starlet?
  • Nikki: Starlet, we meet again! I didn't expect to see you in Welton!
  • Starlet: Nikki, Bobo, Momo! I have run into you three again! Ah...well, I heard about Cloud City...
  • Starlet: I'm sorry! By the time I found the Star Seer, Cloud City had already fallen...I truly apologize. If I could travel faster...
  • Nikki: Starlet, no need to apologize...
  • Bobo: You aren't to blame! We've met just a few times, yet you always help us. Didn't you return to your master?
  • Starlet: Well, Amphithea News wanted an astrologer to write horoscopes. I applied with my Master's support, and I get the job...
  • Starlet: But, I'm not very confident with my divination. I've been here a few days and I can't find the Amphithea News building...
  • Momo: As I thought, it turns out Starlet is lost again...
  • Bobo: Do not worry, we will help you find Amphithea News' head office!
  • (Amphithea News' head office)
  • Editor-in-Chief: Starlet! Thank heaven and earth, you have finally arrived! We feared you had encountered danger.
  • Starlet: I'm sorry. I knew I would be lost so I left two weeks in advance. But now I'm still late...
  • Editor-in-Chief: With a little effort, it shouldn't be a problem. We can't thank our friends over there enough for helping Starlet!
  • Nikki: You are welcome. Starlet is our friend. Helping her is our duty.

Trivia Edit

  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.
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