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  • (After the speech, it is time for models to present the auction items. Hiber roused exclamation with her debut.)
  • Reid: These are the items up for auction tonight. They represent the AAG's last 10 years of changes and developments.
  • Charles: But also, we have something very special. A piece representing the origins of the Apple Apparel Group and a profound love...
  • Reid: Many thanks to Chairman Schiller for giving us the opportunity to view this legend. And now, unveil the White Blossom!
  • (As the crowd cheers, the gauze cover falls slowly and a dress which seems to be even gentler than a dream is revealed.)
  • (A hush falls over the banquet. Everyone is reminded of that cherry blossom-filled night, and a story lost to the ages.)
  • Kimi: Yes... indeed this is... the White Blossom...
  • Kimi: When my father was young, his most remarkable work was this gift he offered to my mother.
  • Nikki: Kimi...
  • Kimi: Twelve years have passed... White Blossom is still as beautiful as I remembered.
  • Momo: (Whisper) Lady Kimi seems so sad... Nikki, find a way to distract Lady Kimi, quick!
  • Nikki: White Blossom is such a beauty, Kimi... It must bear the deepest love of a designer. Help me over a gentle lady's costume.
  • Kimi: (Silently wiping the corner of her eye) problem.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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