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Opening: Edit

  • (The opening act of the performance is going to start shortly. Sofia's choreography on stage has moved the whole crowd.)
  • Nikki: Sofia is a truly talented dancer... Although we are here for a completely different purpose, we had to watch her performance...
  • Momo: Woohoo! I'd happily trade all of my grilled fish for Sofia's dance! ...uh, or maybe just half...
  • Bobo: Hey...The two people getting on stage right now do not look like performers. Who are they?
  • Kimi: They are Charles and Reid, the Chairman of Mercury Group. Next will be the speech from the sponsors...
  • (During the speech, Reid spoke of Apple Apparel Group's glorious achievements and mentioned the recent bold innovations.)
  • Charles: Thanks, Reid. I always think that a designer's work should be there for everyone, and that's the point of White Blossom Banquet!
  • Reid: A dress shines because of its wearer. Is Lady Kimi here? With her in this dress, I'm sure the pearls would shine much brighter.
  • Charles: Lady Kimi and Chairman Schiller are now abroad enjoying their vacation. It would be rude to bother them with this.
  • Reid: We haven't seen each other for so long. I had thought she would certainly attend this banquet. What a pity.
  • (Offstage)
  • Bobo: Why did that handsome Chairman Reid talk about Lady Kimi?! Momo, I'm thinking he may know something!
  • Bobo: Momo? Momo?? What are you looking at? Hello?
  • Momo: Be-...beautiful... That young lady...
  • Bobo: You just said a moment ago that you would happily give up all the grilled fish for Sofia's dance! What a playboy!
  • Beautiful Woman: (Smile)
  • Momo: Ah, ah, ah the lady is looking at me! Hi!
  • Bobo: Stop looking for affection where it doesn't exist. She looking at...?! Nikki, she is looking at Kimi!
  • Kimi: ...Her name is Hiber. A model of Mercury Group. If I'm not mistaken, she refused Joe's invitation hundreds of times.
  • Momo: Hundreds of times?! ...Joe is so perseverant...
  • Kimi: Hiber has been the most valuable model recently. Fierce, independent, and disobedient, I don't think she's an enemy.
  • Nikki: Compared to her, I found Chairman Reid to be much more suspicious. He seems to have been staring at us throughout the speech...
  • Kimi: The opening act performers are entering from backstage. Nikki, quickly change into an evening gown and join the crowd.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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