Dialogue Edit

Opening: Edit

  • (Joe managed to get an invitation. Nikki and her friends entered the banquet and sat in a reclusive corner)
  • Momo: There's a lot of tasty food on the table over there, but we can't eat it. Ugh...
  • Nikki: Momo, I'm sorry to inconvenience you. The mission tonight is very important. We'd better stay here...
  • Momo: No, no. I was just saying...I am fine. I'm not hungry!
  • Bobo: Shh! Nikki, there seems to be someone looking at you from behind the stage... That person... Is she Sofia?!
  • Momo: It's over, it's over! She is approaching! She is going to find out!! Ahhhh, I don't dare look!
  • Sofia: ...Nikki, why is Momo hiding under the table? Am I really that scary?
  • Momo: Ah... This... This...
  • Nikki: Well...em...Sofia, what a coincidence!!
  • Sofia: I also feel this way. When I saw you backstage, I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't think I'd see anybody I knew here.
  • Dance Partner: Sofia, is this Nikki, the girl you first met while on tour in Lilith? I heard she defeated the 'Star Sea', is that true?
  • Bobo: Nikki's styling gift is impressive. Under Sofia's guidance, she understood the key to ball gowns by her second try!
  • Nikki: Thanks to Sofia's guidance, I learned a lot.
  • Sofia: Nikki, it's been so long. I'm sure your styling level has increased a lot.
  • Sofia: Could you please look over my friend's forest witch costume? She's not fond of it, and I have to perform soon.

Conclusion: Edit

  • Dance Partner: This is the style I wanted, thank you! The opening ceremony is about to start. Have a good time with your handsome boyfriend!
  • Nikki: Hey, I... Her... That, no...
  • Kimi: ... It looks like our plans were very successful.
  • Momo: Boy...boy-friend?! Their taste cannot possibly be this bad, can it?!
  • Bobo: Don't worry about them - it's good. Our costume is a success!
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