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Opening: Edit

  • Kimi: No need to tell me more. Help me get an invitation to the auction, Joe.
  • Joe: Lady Kimi, I cannot. Almost all of Welton's celebrities will be there. It's too dangerous! It's a trap. Please don't go.
  • Kimi: I must reclaim the Eris' Kiss at all costs. To get to see Eris' Kiss and White Blossom; this is the only chance.
  • Joe: Nikki, please stop her. After all this, I'm certain you do not want to see her take that kind of risk again...
  • Nikki: ...Kimi, in reality, I think what Joe said makes a lot of sense! Your father's kidnappers may also be present at the banquet!
  • Nikki: Let us go to the auction for you! No one knows us, we can easily collect clues and find out who to retrieve the treasures!
  • Kimi: Nikki, I promised my mom to protect dad. This is White Blossom... is his most important work and memory. I have to go myself.
  • Nikki: But... You, on your own...
  • Kimi: But, I now invite you to come to the White Blossom Banquet with me.
  • Kimi: Accept my offer. I'll make no more concessions.
  • Momo: Wh-... What happened? The atmosphere is suddenly so strange... It seems I am not needed...
  • Nikki: Momo, don't say that... Of course we need you!
  • Joe: If Nikki is also going, I am less worried. I will secure an invitation. My Lady, how will you escape the celebrity gossips?
  • Kimi: Nikki, could you please help me style menswear for the banquet? Please be my date tonight. Let's deceive everybody.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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