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  • Nikki: Kimi, this auction seems suspicious... Do you think the organizers are the ones who kidnapped your father?
  • Kimi: It is possible. Before Orlando rescued me, I heard the kidnappers talk about the 'Eris' Kiss'...
  • Bobo: Eris' Kiss... Isn't that the Apple Federation's biggest diamond?
  • Kimi: Now that you heard about it, then you should know that father used it in corsage when he dedicated White Blossom to my mother.
  • Kimi: The 'Eris' Kiss' was hidden away in the groups' treasury for a century before finally finding a suitable dress...
  • Momo: Ah, I'm growing more curious about the White Blossom! What kind of clothing is it?!
  • Bobo: If I remember correctly, the White Blossom was a design by Kimi's father, right?
  • Bobo: White Blossom is Chairman Schiller's most prized work. It's a milestone of the group's style, and began a time of glory!
  • Kimi: Moreover, the White Blossom is also a testimony of father and mother's love...
  • Kimi: White cherry blossoms were my mother's favorite. It was right here that father dedicated the White Blossom to her.
  • Kimi: It's said that night, all the lights in the city went out. White cherry trees shone, making the dress glow softly like a dream.
  • Bobo: The whole city was dark and silent. Under the starlit sky white cherry blossoms slowly burst into full bloom... How romantic!
  • Momo: What a beautiful story... Kimi's mother must be such a gentle beauty.
  • Kimi: ...I don't really remember what she looked like. I was six years old when she, departed. I never saw the White Blossom again.
  • Nikki: But these people have gotten the White Blossom... Kimi, do you know where it was stored before it was stolen?
  • Kimi: I've been thinking, White Blossom should be kept in the group's treasury. Because...because the 'Eris' Kiss' was the key.
  • Kimi: Only father and I knew that... The kidnappers probably obtained the 'Eris' Kiss' from father, and stole the White Blossom!
  • Bobo: This White Blossom Banquet they are holding is certainly a trap!
  • Nikki: Kimi, what are we to do now?
  • Kimi: Before we make our next move, I would like you to accompany me to Hosa to find someone.
  • Bobo: Hey, isn't Hosa a famous art neighborhood? I don't know what to expect there; better dress as a classical art teacher.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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