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Opening: Edit

  • Girl of Cloud Empire: You guys in the front, please wait a moment!
  • Momo: ...What? So we will have styling contests with passers-by again?
  • Girl of Cloud Empire: Ah! I saw you coming out of the Pigeon Legion camp just moments ago... Are you friends of the Iron Rose Stylist Group? Aren't the stylists of Iron Rose geniuses?
  • Bobo: ...Why is she so excited! I seem to be sensing strong feelings of oppression...
  • Girl of Cloud Empire: I've been looking forward to the Pigeon Queen's ball for so long. I hear it's a splendid affair, with guests dressed more beautifully than in my wildest dreams. I have to go!
  • Momo: You truly love the Queen...Nikki, please put together a classical dance dress in Pigeon Kingdom style for her, so that she can realize her dream, if only for a while.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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