Dialogue Edit

Opening: Edit

  • (The airship slowly lands outside of Luochuan City, close to the Pigeon Legion camp. A cute dwarf comes rushing out of the camp angrily waving at the airship.)
  • Mela: You're so ardent today, Debbie. Did you enjoy reading alone?
  • Debbie: Unbelievable! Truly unbelievable! You three left me and secretly went to Cloud City! Ah! You received an important mission and didn't let me tag along? You did this on purpose!
  • Ransa: We called out for you several times, but you were reading and seemed to have entered another world. Now you blame us?
  • Debbie: It's impossible that I didn't hear this! You certainly left without telling me... Hey, who are they?
  • Bobo: Wow! Is this the Pigeon Kingdom's dwarf? It is the very first time I've met you all! I didn't think this skilled and treasured dwarf would be this cute!!!
  • Debbie: I'm no cute dwarf! I'm Debbie from Iron Rose Stylist Group of the Pigeon Kingdom. Have a little respect!
  • Sherry: Yes. The Iron Rose Designer Group ranking has Debbie at number ten.
  • Debbie: Sherry! It's you!
  • Nikki: Hello Debbie! My name is Nikki, and this is Momo.
  • Bobo: My name is Bobo! Ah, I'm still unable to accept what is before my eyes. This adorable dwarf is actually a stylist of Iron Rose... You're differ from them so much!
  • Ransa: Ok, don't be angry, Debbie. We brought you a gift from Cloud City.
  • Momo: What's the gift that Ransa mentioned? Why am I nervous all of a sudden...
  • Ransa: This girl with pink hair is who Queen Elle ordered us to protect. Though her skills aren't great, she will learn much with your guidance. Not a bad gift, eh?
  • Debbie: Oh? A mediocre stylist like you has no chance against the likes of me...but since Ransa spoke so highly of you, I cannot refuse your entry.
  • Nikki: Uh? No, I'm just interested in the styling. Right now, I'm still studying...
  • Debbie: No need to say anymore. I have recently been very interested in a simple and mysterious wasterland style. Come and compete with me!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

Trivia Edit

  • In this stage, Debbie challenges Nikki to a wasteland style, but ends up wearing a cute pink girl's style with a bunny and gets a score around only 1000 points, making her easy to win against.
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