• Momo: That person who took Lunar... Who is it?
  • Bobo: Cloud City is under siege. Could that mysterious teenager have done the same as we did? That is, using the sewage system to enter the city?!
  • Mela: Before landing, we noticed him from afar. One man, alone, was charging the city's encirclement. Skilled in styling military uniforms, he used all his strength to break through.
  • Momo: Good at matching army uniforms! Is he also from North Kingdom? Is it really okay that Lunar was taken away by him?
  • Bobo: Despite the sovereignty of the North Kingdom's kings, it is still scarred by years of civil war. Tyre's forces and those youths were the enemy; perhaps Nidhogg wasn't behind it?
  • Sherry: ...Obviously.
  • Mela: What do you want to say, Sherry?
  • Sherry: He is not our enemy.
  • Ransa: Tyre's forces are quite arrogant, making so many enemies in the north. The Northern Kingdom is requesting an alliance with the Seven Kingdoms to put them down.
  • Momo: Why didn't the Kingdom's Army ambush the Allied Forces from behind to hinder their progress?
  • Cali: Of course someone will reap the profits from this conflict. Momo is such an idiot!
  • Nikki: Cali! What are you doing here?
  • Cali: When you were still saying goodbye to each other, I secretly boarded the airship. I am always at the place where news happen!
  • Ransa: Nikki, please compete with this reporter using passerby costume, and give Mela a chance to improve. If she doesn't, we will have to hold a press conference on the airship.
  • Mela: You didn't see anything either! I think it's you that ought to get yourself a pair of glasses!


There is no concluding dialogue.

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