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Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: Wow! Starlet, you are awesome!
  • Momo: You can do fortunetelling for real! I thought you were just a dabbler!
  • Starlet: Of course! My master is an outstanding fortuneteller. She accepted me as an apprentice because I have talent.
  • Momo: Then quickly tell me, where can I have lots of grilled fish for free?!
  • Bobo: Don't you think you talk too much about grilled fish?
  • Starlet: Are you Nikki's friend too?
  • Bobo: Yes, I am Bobo!
  • Starlet: Hi Bobo! You look so cute!
  • Bobo: *Blush* Hehe, so can you tell me in which style I have the most potential?
  • Starlet: Of course! You guys were a big help today. Now I have enough money for my journey!
  • Starlet: Come, concentrate, don't think about anything else. Now follow your will and pick a card from this deck.
  • Bobo: Um, this one.
  • Starlet: Ah... fairy tale book... bow tie... lace... afternoon tea... donut... well... machine gun... nuclear bomb...
  • Momo: (Whisper) What is she talking about?
  • Nikki: (Whisper) I don't know. Seems like Tarot, but it's a little different. Keep quiet, listen to her readings...
  • Starlet: Although the readings are a bit confusing, it seems to indicate that the best potential style for Bobo... is the sweet and fancy Lilith style!
  • Bobo: Wow! So it's really Lilith. Spot on!
  • Momo: I could see that without any divination. What I am curious about is why there are a machine gun and a nuclear bomb? Does it imply that Bobo is actually violent North style?
  • Bobo: I don't know what you are talking about. Nikki, come compete with me at the classical sweet Lilith style! See how good my potential has developed!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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