Story: Noah appears before Nikki in the monastery, bearing a secret about King Sayet's relics...

Dialogue Edit

  • Noah: How amazing! You two a so great. No wonder people refer you as geniuses!
  • Momo: Enough of your nonsense. We won, now hand over the draft you took from us!
  • (Noah laughs and returns to the leaf back carelessly.)
  • Momo: Nikki, Ransa, check the draft! It seems too easy. Momo thinks there might be something fishy...
  • (The three carefully inspect the draft, but find nothing unusual)
  • Noah: Hahaha... Be my guests, but I'm sorry, it's still that paper and nothing more.
  • Noah: To be quite honest, I have no interest in King Sayet's diary. I am simply here to tell you a secret...
  • Ransa: We're not interested in your cheesy show either. Tell us, who are you and why are you here?
  • Noah: Stylist of Iron Rose, you don't have to believe me, but... What about the pink-hair girl? Maybe she wants to hear me out?
  • Nikki: I...
  • Momo: Don't listen to him, Nikki! This magician has something up his sleeve, I just know it!
  • Noah: Wow, wow... What a horrible kitten, but you are mistaken. I'm here to help you. After all, you will never find King Sayet's relic if you don't change.
  • Ransa: What did you say...
  • Noah: The secret of the relic has always been kept in the hand of your Queen.
  • Noah: Hey, calm down. I know you won't believe me and my words are for this pink-hair girl.
  • Noah: Ah... That's all I have to say. So, at last, wish you a wonderful trip. And, be sure to watch my show when you have time.
  • (Noah removes his hat to perform a bow. Upon replacing it on his head, the hat suddenly falls.)
  • (There is only the hat left on the windowsill, while Noah has vanished into thin air.)
  • Momo: He... He disappeared! What kind of magic is that!!!
  • (Picking up the hat, Nikki finds a rose and letter beneath it.)
  • Letterhead: I finally see you, Nikki. You are lovelier than I had imagined.
  • (Suddenly, someone is heavily banging the Classics Collection Room door. Nikki and others climbed out of the french window and escaped.)

Trivia Edit

  • This stage, like the other side stories, takes no stamina to run and drops no ingredients.
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