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  • Momo: It's still raining, but we cannot go back to monastery now... Nikki, what should we do?
  • Nikki: Hmm... Actually, I was thinking, what the Magician Noah said is starting to make some sense...
  • Momo: Eh? What?! Noah is just a big pretentious phony! He just wants us to stop. Don't trust a word he said!
  • Ransa: His identity is pretty suspicious...
  • Ransa: He stole the spotlight almost overnight. His performances are said to be so flawless, even the most experienced magicians can't see through his tricks.
  • Ransa: Little girl, you know what people call him?-- Trickster, Illusionist... and the Perfect Magician. Don't believe a person like this so easily!
  • Nikki: People have been looking for this special material for so many years. Even you... cannot find out the way to craft the relics.
  • Nikki: Maybe, we can try to take his words seriously and go to ask the Queen about the secret of the relic.
  • Nikki: And Ransa... Don't you want to know the real reason the Iron Rose was disbanded?
  • Ransa: What real reason? I've already told you, it's because we failed.
  • Nikki: I don't think the Queen would disband the Iron Rose for such a simple reason. Is the Queen really that kind of person...?
  • (Ransa falls silent. Rain continues to fall, making small puddles on the ground. In the eastern sky, however, a silver lining has gilded the cloud.)
  • Nikki: It's about dawn... We shouldn't waste any more time. Ransa, if you don't want to go to the capital with us, then leave this to Momo and me.
  • Ransa: (Sighs)... Forget it, I'll go with you... If something happens, only two of you can hardly handle the royal guards.
  • Ransa: I know a place, a dock that only serves the transportation to the capital on the south bank downstream.
  • Ransa: Hurry, Niki [sic], change into Pigeon pastoral style so we can take the first cargo ship to the capital.
  • Momo: And be sure to bring an umbrella! Sigh... When is this rain going to let up...

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

Trivia Edit

After completing this level on Maiden difficulty for the first time, the map for Chapter 1 Ode of Oren changes permanently from a rainy map to a sunny one.

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